Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About What's Yet To Come...

Doctor Who may be on a Memorial Day Weekend-inspired break here in the US, but that doesn't mean the speculation stops here. We're two episodes away from the midseason break, with final episode "A Good Man Goes To War" being promised to be a "game-changing cliffhanger" according to showrunner Steven Moffat. That alone is worth 5 questions, wouldn't you agree?

Who is The Good Man In Question?

It would stand to reason that the "good man" going to war is the Doctor, considering that, you know, he's the hero of the series and everything. But, for some reason, I can't help but wonder whether it refers to Rory. I'm not entirely sure why I think that, beyond the fact that he's been shown to be the very definition of a good man throughout the series so far. I know there are many who find Rory particularly off-putting, because he fulfills the traditional "damsel in distress" role so often, but he's shown himself to be brave, loving, and in "The Rebel Flesh," compassionate and giving when others succumb to more negative emotions (or, in the Doctor's case, curiosity about the bigger picture). He protected Amy for twenty centuries while she was in the Pandorica! How good does one man have to be, exactly...? That said...

Is This Good Man The One That River Kills?

River is in prison for killing "the best man [she] ever knew." Is the "good man" going to war River's "best man"? And if so, is he going to war against River Song?

War Against Whom? And Who's On What Side?

River has always seemed rather upset, but not entirely repentant, about killing the best man she ever knew. Is that because she had good reason to do it? What if that reason was that she was saving the universe from some impossible, unspeakable danger? Like, for example, a Doctor that was somehow on the wrong side for once, but couldn't be convinced otherwise (Well, you know how he gets...)? Is it possible that the Silence have managed to hypnotically implant something in the Doctor's head that really shouldn't be there? I mean, we were specifically told that that's what they did in the season opener episodes, but we didn't actually see the results of that theory. Is this one of those "you don't mention a gun in the first act if you don't plan for it to go off at the end of the story" things...?

What, Exactly, Constitutes A "Game-Changing Cliffhanger" In Doctor Who?

I can think of two possibilities: Firstly, we catch up, somehow, with "The Impossible Astronaut" and see our current Doctor die. Secondly, the Doctor stops protecting the universe. And, the more I think about it, the more the latter makes sense. After all, the Pandorica was built because the various alien races believed that the Doctor was the greatest threat to the universe, wasn't it? What if that had nothing to do with the explosion of the Tardis? What if they knew that the Silence could turn the Doctor against everyone...?

(Oh, okay, I can think of other possibilities, I admit it. Another strong possibility: We actually finally find out all of River's backstory, and it's something no-one could've expected. I'm still hoping that she's actually Amy, after making the River/Pond connection.)

And What Happens If "Our" Doctor Dies?

Here's my latest crazy theory about the identity of the little girl seen at the end of "Day of The Moon": It's actually The Doctor, who has been reborn as Amy's daughter, thanks to some timey-wimey Tardis jiggery-pokery. Well, I did say it was crazy...

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