Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About "The Wedding of River Song"

It's the episode we've been waiting for for months: Finally, we found out what else happened during "The Impossible Astronaut," and the truth behind the Doctor's death. But this is Doctor Who, so you can't be that surprised we've got five questions about "The Wedding of River Song."

Doctor Who?

Oh, come on: Like that wouldn't have been one of the questions. I suspected that this was the first question way back when, but I'm curious to see how this particular plot plays out, not least of which because I can't remember it ever really having been an issue before that the Doctor even had a name that wasn't "the Doctor." Why is his name such a big deal, enough to cause some kind of catastrophe that would necessitate his death? And, even if the Doctor didn't tell River his name during their wedding, has he really kept it a secret from her since then...?

Can Time Really Be Rewritten?

We've been told that time can be rewritten more than once, but more and more often, we're seeing evidence to the contrary: At the end of last season, the rewritten timeline collapsed when the Doctor forced a second big bang, restoring the original timeline, and in this episode, the time bubble was forcing the collapse of reality itself. How many "fixed points of time" are there, and doesn't their very existence prove that, for all intents and purposes time can't really be rewritten? Also...

Bonus Question: Is There Spillover From Reality Being Rewritten?

The leaders of the Silence, as we're now apparently calling them going by last night's episode, were seemingly saved from extinction by the time bubble changing history, according to Amy, but I wonder how much of that still holds following time restoring itself. Even though River said that the time bubble didn't actually happen - which, I guess, leaves Madame Kovarian still out there...? - is it possible that events surrounding what happened inside that bubble ripped outwards? I doubt we'll find out anytime soon, but I'm very curious to find out what the status of the Silence is, following their apparent victory inside the bubble...

Is Amy A Time Lord?

I know, that sounds ridiculous, but bear with me for a second: She keeps being able to do the impossible and remember primary timelines when thrown into alternate timelines. Yes, yes, I know it's because of the rift in time in her bedroom as she was growing up, but if Tardis energy during conception was enough to make Melody/River a Time Lord, who's to say that being exposed to a rift in time for years and years isn't enough to do the same thing to Amy? And if it isn't, how else do we explain all the impossible things that Amy is able to do? I'm starting the meme right here: Amy as a new Time Lord. Let's see her regenerate and rename herself Romana sometime soon, please.

Can The Doctor Actually Be Killed?

Obviously, he won't be killed any time soon or else the show will end, but... Can the Doctor be killed? He's "died" twice in the last two years (Okay, it turns out that he was never actually killed by the Impossible Astronaut, which I have to admit I love as an explanation, even though I should probably hate it; the other time was being at the center of the Big Bang 2 in last year's season finale, in case you're wondering), and both times, he's survived. The Silence may want his death for their own reasons, but I can't help but think that the universe is working very, very hard to make the opposite the case.

What Next?

That's the real question, isn't it? The Doctor is believed dead by the universe at large - The Silence, most importantly - and his future appearances can be explained away as being part of his "farewell tour" if needs be (A nice trick by the show's writers, giving him an essentially empty, companion-less 200 year period to be filled by spin-offs, fanfic and later episodes, should it be needed), but he has a fate to fulfill and a name to reveal, with potentially catastrophic results. Meanwhile, he's married - thereby ending the reverse timeline relationship of River and the Doctor, perhaps? - and, possibly, companionless for the foreseeable future. It feels as if the show's been rebooted along with its universe, and the year-long wait until season seven feels far, far too long, now. I found myself really enjoying "The Wedding of River Song," a celebration of the insanity and romance and impossibility at the heart of Doctor Who, especially this version, and it made me eager for much more. A Christmas Special won't be enough. Clearly, I need my own time machine to make the wait less frustrating...

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