Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About 'The Impossible Astronaut'

Yes, "The Impossible Astronaut" was exactly what I'd wanted from the return of Doctor Who: By turns funny, gripping and confusing, it set the tone for what's to come this season, and asked more than enough questions that I think everyone wants the answer to immediately. Spoilers for everyone who hasn't seen the episode yet. No, really.

Is That Really The Doctor That Died?

Sure, it looked like him and acted like him... It even started to regenerate like him. But was that the Doctor? Common sense would say no, because otherwise Moffat's going to end the show when Matt Smith decides to leave. But if it's not, then who is it? And how did he know something was going to happen with the astronaut?

Why Did The Doctor Gather The Four Of Them Together?

The most obvious answer would be "Because, after the end of this adventure, he knows what's going to happen." But if that's the case, then why not do something to stop it from happening altogether? And also, if that's not the Doctor, then again: Why those four? Why those numbers?

Does The Doctor Know Who Sent The Messages?

This is the "current" Doctor I'm talking about now, not the potentially future Doctor who may not be the Doctor. Is he going along with River, Amy and Rory because he trusts Amy, or because he secretly knows the only person who would bring all of them together is him?

Amy Is Pregnant? So Why Are She And River Doubling Over With Stomach Pains?

That one kind of speaks for itself. At first I assumed that Amy and River were both having stomach pains because they were the two characters who'd seen the aliens, but then when Amy said that she was pregnant, I started to wonder... Is River pregnant too? Or, and this may blow your minds a little, is River Amy?

Who is The Astronaut?

My first thought, when I saw this episode was that the Astronaut was one of the four people at the picnic - I was fairly convinced that it was the Doctor, to be honest - but I have to 'fess up: I've also seen next week's episode, and saying anything more about this topic would be, in River Song's words, "spoilers."

Next week's episode is not what you'd expect. You should all make a point of tuning in.

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