Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About "The Curse Of The Black Spot"

Yaaaaaaarrrrrrr! This week's Doctor Who dumped America, moon landings and even River Song for a heap of pirate action. But, of course, that didn't mean that there weren't some questions left unanswered... Here are five of our questions about "The Curse of The Black Spot."

What Is Going On With The TARDIS?

Unless I'm completely misunderstanding what happened with the TARDIS last night, it got confused by the ghost ship and, instead of failing to do anything, instead dematerialized itself so that it could re-materialize within the ghost ship. As the Doctor himself pointed out, that's new. We've had hints for a while that the TARDIS has a mind of its (her?) own, but being self-aware enough to be in control of traveling through time and space by itself? Where did that come from? And does it have anything to do with Amy's Schrodinger Pregnancy?

(My current crazy idea: What if the two are connected, and the TARDIS isn't becoming self-aware as much as just reacting wildly to being in the presence of more than one Time Lord? The second, of course, being Amy's fetus...)

Has The Doctor Solved Everything?

I admit it; I loved the explanation of not only the Curse of the Black Spot, but also what the mythical sea sirens actually were. In what was an uneven episode -- why was the Doctor so down on humanity all of a sudden? -- the idea that the Doctor defined curses as anything that humans couldn't understand, and then went on to explain one famous one (and then an additional myth), was a weirdly pleasing one. Given that the Doctor is a time traveler, I like the idea that he will, or already has, found explanations for everything that's ever seemed unexplainable. Given that the series has, under the leadership of Steven Moffat, turned its attention to common unnamed phenomena (the Weeping Angels being the true form of statues, the Silence/Silents being the things you see out the corner of your eye that turn out to be "nothing," the ghost ship here explaining why you sometimes think that you see something in a mirror that isn't really there), there's something fitting about that. How long until the show runs out of these kinds of things, I wonder?

Who Is That Woman With The Windows Where They Shouldn't Be?

An obvious one: Who was the woman in the impossible window that told Amy she was doing fine? I admit, she looked a little like a cyborg River Song to me, but that might be too obvious. Instead, I'm sure she's commenting on the progress of Amy's pregnancy. (Didn't she first appear last episode, before we met the little girl who may or may not be Amy's daughter?) A cosmic midwife? An observer from some other reality, checking in on Amy for some strange reason? The fact that she appears to be using the slide-window from doors in either 1920s speakeasy movies or, more appropriately I'm sure, medical facilities, makes me wonder whether Amy is actually really experiencing everything that's going on, or whether she's actually somewhere else and remembering and/or hallucinating everything ... but that would be too weird, wouldn't it?

Are Amy and Rory The Most Romantic Couple In Science Fiction?

As an unashamed fan of the Williams/Pond pairing, I was willing to cut the show some slack in what should've been an eye-rolling "Well, of course Amy's going to save Rory, because they're not going to kill him off again" moment of faux drama. If nothing else, I really liked the idea that he has such faith in her that he knew she would be able to resuscitate him, despite her own doubts. We've now seen Rory wait 2000 years (at least) for Amy to come out of the Pandorica, and Amy save Rory's life this episode ... Enough, already, sure, but come on: They're a pretty great couple, right?

(Also: Now that we have seen this, can we please, please never have another moment like last week's "Does Amy love the Doctor more than Rory" scene? She doesn't.)

Mind you, the fact that Rory could have drowned did make me wonder something, namely...

What Is Rory?

Is he still an Auton, as per last season's finale two-parter, or is he now human again? And if it's the latter, then when did that happen, and how (I suspect that he is, and the Big Bang 2 reset him, but I'm not sure if that has even been explicitly addressed)? Because, if he is still an Auton, then... how can he be the father of Amy's baby?

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