Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About "The Almost People"

It may have been delayed for a week by the Memorial Day weekend here in the US, but "The Almost People" finally took over Doctor Who this week, answering the question "Are two Doctors better than one?" in a way that you probably didn't see coming. Unsurprisingly, we have 5 questions after watching.

What. The. Hell?

So, Amy was Flesh? For how long - and who created Fake Amy? I'd ask why, but I think we've seen that the answer is all about Amy's baby, whoever he/she/it turns out to be (My money is still on it being River, but it's definitely someone or something we've seen before at this point, even if that's just "the first in a long line of new Time Lords"). As far as surprise endings go, it's a good one - almost enough, in fact, to make up for what was a pretty disappointing episode. Of course, if next week's episode doesn't offer up enough in the explanations department, I reserve the right to change my mind about that last bit. But, seriously: Has Amy been Flesh for this entire season? And how was she completely unaware of that fact for the entire time?

Who Are The Real Monsters?

As if anyone had somehow missed the moral of this week's story, how nice of Ganger Jennifer to literally tell the audience. The answer, of course, is supposed to be that we all are - but that we also contain the potential to be kind and self-sacrificing and save the day, too - but it was entirely undercut by Ganger Jennifer not only going insane but literally turning into a giant-mouthed monster halfway through the episode, as if the people making the show were worried that we hadn't had a chase in awhile. Who was the real monster of this episode? That'll be the thing with the long neck that's trying to eat you, most likely. See how easy that was?

How Gullible Is Rory?

Oh, Rory. Last ep, I was all on your side, but this week...? You were just embarrassingly naive. In what world would anyone believe the plan of "We've found this horrific thing, let's go and find our friends, lie to them about why they need to follow us, and then lock them in a room" not a sign of a bad guy? And yet, Rory seemed to have no problem with it. Seriously, people: Rory has lived for more than 2000 years by this point. There is no way he should be able to fall for that kind of thing believably.

How Long Has The Doctor Known?

Getting back to the surprise ending... How long has the Doctor known that Amy wasn't Amy? He did say, back in the first episode of this season, that no-one could fool him, which may have been a clue... All of which leads me to wonder...

What Actually Happened In "The Impossible Astronaut"?

Here's my theory: The Doctor never died. The Doctor everyone saw shot? That was the Flesh Doctor - We were told fairly clearly that there was a good chance that he would survive the end of this episode, remember - and his pretending to be the Doctor was, in fact, all a plan by the Doctor to flush out whoever is behind the kidnapping of Amy, and to fulfill a moment in fixed time through some sleight of hand. Because, what if the person inside the Astronaut suit is River, killing the best man she ever knew... or, at least, so she believes, but it's all a trick? The Doctor never dies, River's memories/past is still intact, and yet, everything we've ever thought was true about River's past is completely different from what we expected. Too ridiculous to be true? I guess we'll find out next week (No spoilers from all you people who've seen the British broadcast of "A Good Man Goes To War"!).

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