Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About ‘Day Of The Moon’

To quote a certain suit-wearing time-traveler: What? What? WHAT?!? "Day of the Moon" definitely swerved when it came to plot developments, not only refusing to answer the questions from last week, but instead suggesting that the answers are even more complicated than we might've expected. Here are five questions I had after this week's second episode, and, yes: Spoilers, as River would want me to tell you.

What is the Astronaut?Is the Astronaut the suit, or the wearer? It seems to be that the mysterious little girl wasn't in the suit by choice, and also not necessarily in control of her own actions. We don't know why the suit existed, nor what it was doing to the little girl, although there are definitely some assumptions I have based on last night's episode -- we'll get to those in a second -- but the biggest questions of the season still seem to be: What is the Astronaut, and why did it shoot the Doctor?

What's with Amy's pregnancy?It's Schrodinger's Cat, but with a baby, apparently. Has Amy's worry about time traveling affecting the baby come true, or -- and this is where I get maybe a little too anal about Who continuity for my own good -- is this connected to the crack in Amy's wall that managed to undo whatever it came in contact with? The end of last season suggested that Amy, growing up in close proximity to the result of a TARDIS exploding, had somehow gained some kind of special significance as a result, so is she somehow, accidentally, creating a baby that will only exist when she believes it? And while I'm at it:

The Regenerating Little Girl is Amy's daughter, right?The girl in the Astronaut suit appears to be regenerating at the end of the episode, or at least having some kind of similar energy to the regeneration effect (compare what's happening with her to what was happening to the Doctor when he was shot last week). What if Amy's baby is somehow a brand-new Time Lord, created from TARDIS energy that Amy didn't even know was inside her? Oh, and I'm not finished yet, because I also want to know ...

Is River Song Amy's daughter?What if the little girl is River Song? River is a time traveler, after all, and a prime candidate for the mystery astronaut (River is in prison for killing "the best man [she] ever knew," after all; really, what are the odds that that isn't the Doctor?). We know that the little girl, who may or may not be Amy's daughter and may or may not be a Time Lord, has been inside the suit before ... so what if all of those "may or may not"s turn out to be positive? What if the little girl is Amy's daughter and is inside the astronaut suit and that the "best man" River has killed is the Doctor? Could Amy really be River's mother? Always worth remembering: The fourth episode of this season, the Neil Gaiman episode, is called "The Doctor's Wife." I'm expecting answers by that point ... or at least really strong hints.

Are the Silence linked to the Weeping Angels?I mean, sure, they are insofar as they both share a "You have to look at them to be safe" gimmick, but is that Steven Moffat reusing his own ideas, or is that more intentional than lazy? Should we be noticing that the two are so similar, and is there a reason why -- or should that be left to fanfic writers in years to come? I'm sure we'll see the Silence again this season (Amy saw one just before the Doctor was shot, remember), so it's a possibility I might actually get an answer to this one ... or maybe it'll just get pushed out until next season, when I least expect it.

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