New Doctor Who Promo Teases Twelfth Doctor's End

Regeneration is never easy, for either Time Lords or for the devoted fans of "Doctor Who." However, saying farewell to a Doctor you’ve grown to love, only to watch him be replaced by a stranger, comes with the territory.

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The BBC has debuted new promo for the upcoming 10th season, which not only features the return of such characters as Missy and the original Cybermen, but also seems to show Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor begin to regenerate, ahead of the actor’s scheduled departure with the Christmas special.

The footage showcases Capaldi’s Time Lord gripping a wall as his hand begins to emanate the familiar golden, shimmering energy that indicates impending regeneration. However, it seems unlikely this scene depicts the actual monumental moment, given that Capaldi's final bow is more than eight months away.

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If anything, this might be similar to when David Tennant’s Doctor “regenerated” in Season Four’s "The Stolen Earth." At the time, a Dalek mortally wounded the Doctor, but he didn’t want to become a new man. After his body healed, the Doctor halted the physical transformation by transferring the remaining energy into his severed hand. In turn, that enabled him to continue on as the Tenth Doctor for a while longer.

The real questions remains: Are you ready to say goodbye to Peter Capaldi as the Doctor?

Starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, and Matt Lucas as Nardole, “Doctor Who” returns to BBC One and BBC America on Saturday, April 15.

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