The Danktor Is In: 15 Hilarious Doctor Who Memes

After 54 years and 14 regenerations, Doctor Who is still going strong. As a matter of fact the show seems to be getting more popular in its old age. The sci-fi series follows the adventures of a time travelling alien called The Doctor. He’s a Time Lord who travels through time and space with his companions in the TARDIS. Current Doctor Peter Capaldi is set to take his final bow in the upcoming Christmas special Twice Upon A Time, which will feature him meeting the first Doctor, portrayed by David Bradley.

The series has an extremely devoted fan base called Whovians. They know every fact you could possibly think of about the show. They can tell you when certain aliens first appeared and what every Doctor’s last words were. The different Doctors and companions are discussed the way sports fans analyze players on their favorite teams. While David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor are the most popular, every Doctor has special place in their hearts and as the saying goes “you never forget your first.” Being so loyal means that Whovians have wasted no time in creating some of the most hilarious Doctor Who memes the timeline has ever seen.

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The idea of an all powerful force that keeps everything in balance seems like something the Eleventh Doctor would like. While he wouldn’t be a full fledged believer, he would certainly be able to respect the power and discipline it takes to be a Jedi. He was a very open minded regeneration. Yoda would find The Doctor curious and be mindful of his less noble personality traits, as they could be paths to the dark side. The Ninth and Tenth Doctors would definitely be too volatile to be considered Jedis.

The Twelfth Doctor would be appalled at something like the Force and would spend all his time questioning everything Yoda said until even the famed Jedi master would lose his patience. If it ever happened, this would be a fascinating battle of wits.


Anyone who spends any time on the internet is familiar with the ridiculous headlines everyone uses for its photo galleries and stories. Here, a fan imagines what kind of article the site would write about the various regenerations of The Doctor. This shot from the 50th anniversary special Day of the Doctor was a rare gathering of all 12 Doctors. This moment is a nice reminder that every Doctor brings his own style and personality to the character.

If a non-Whovian were to come across this story, they would probably never guess that the thing all these men have in common is that they’re the same person in progressively younger bodies. Even though The Doctor constantly saves the world, you just know everyone would focus on him being unorthodox and yes, sometimes irritating.


The minute Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving, fans began speculating on the next Doctor. The discussions of whether there could be a Doctor of color or a woman popped up, though at this point fans were giving up on those dreams. There were reports the BBC wanted to go more traditional to get ratings and merchandise sales back up. With that in mind, there was no way they would pick someone unexpected.

However, they did and Jodie Whittaker will become the first woman Doctor when she takes over for Capaldi in the upcoming Christmas special. There was the usual backlash about how could a woman play The Doctor, but since she’s a 2,000 year old Time Lord who travels through time and space in a police box, gender hardly seems to matter. Plus, if we’ve learned anything from Wonder Woman, it’s that she'll be more than fine.


To say that the most recent season finale "World Enough and Time" was a crazy, game changer would be an understatement. When The Doctor, Missy, Bill and Nardole get stuck on a space station orbiting a black hole, time is all wibbly wobbly, Bill is taken and eventually turned into an old school Cyberman. And of course, John Simm returns as The Master. In the end Missy and The Master kill each other, Bill is made into a water alien by her girlfriend, who brings The Doctor back from the dead. Yeah, it was a lot. And as if that wasn’t enough, in the final scene The Doctor meets the very first version of himself, setting up Peter Capaldi’s farewell.

David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor had a tendency to respond to outrageous moments with a hilarious stream of whats. Considering everything that went down, it seems like the only appropriate reaction.


Matt Smith’s post Doctor Who career has been very interesting. Perhaps the one big clunker on his resume is Terminator: Genisys. On paper it probably sounded great to cast one of the most popular Doctors as the embodiment of SkyNet. Smith being the consummate professional he is, did the best he could with what he was given, however, no one really could’ve saved that movie.

It didn’t take much work for someone to figure out the connection between that performance and his Cyber companion Handles from his final Christmas special The Time of the Doctor. Handles is the Wilson to Smith’s lonely Doctor. It’s a testament to Smith that he makes this robot head a real part of the story. Sadly the same can’t be said for Terminator: Genisys.


It’s no secret to Whovians that David Tennant has range that goes well beyond being the Tenth Doctor. His work in Harry Potter, Broadchurch and Fright Night couldn’t be any different. However, when he showed up as the scary evil Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, a whole new set of fans discovered how good he is. Not only was he just a terrifying psychopath who used his powers of suggestion to make others do awful things, he used all his Doctor Who charm to make him fascinating.

Doctor Who viewers were not at all surprised by the performance but others couldn’t believe this guy could be so evil as Barty Crouch and Kilgrave, but also be so heroic as The Doctor. Add in his voice over work as Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales and David Tennant really can do anything.


When Steven Moffat took over from Russell T. Davies as showrunner/head writer fans were excited as he had written some of the shows most creative episodes like "Blink", "The Girl in the Fireplace", "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead". Here’s the thing about Moffat’s episodes, he likes to put fans through the ringer. Pretty much everything he writes sends viewers on an emotional roller coaster that it takes the rest of the night to recover from.

Think about it, there was a distinct lack of any fun moments in seasons eight and nine. The Doctor and Clara were trapped in this never ending run of death and destruction. It became a test of wills to get through the season without shedding any tears. And you just know Moffat is saving up one last emotional ride for Peter Capaldi’s final Christmas special.


Since The Doctor travels through space and time, it was only a matter of time before someone had him meet up with one of space’s most powerful entities, the Galactic Empire. Look, if the Empire can’t defeat Luke, Han and Leia, they really have no chance against The Doctor.

The fun part of this comes from imagining how Walkers and Stormtroopers would handle trying to get inside the Tardis. Though it looks like it’s made of wood, like any ordinary police box, it’s nearly indestructible. If the doors are closed, you’re not getting in without a key. Of course, it would only take The Doctor one, maybe two episodes to defeat the Empire so a crossover would certainly make the Rebellion look quite inept.


In the three part season three finale, The Master regenerates into John Simm and takes over the world as the prime minister. It is in part two, "The Sound of Drums", that viewers discover why The Master is so crazy. Apparently Time Lord children are taken to a gap in the fabric of reality as a test. While The Doctor ran from the enormity of the power, The Master was driven mad by it. While this seems like a somewhat reasonable explanation for his murderous tendencies, it doesn’t explain his continued obsession with punishing The Doctor, even as he regenerates into Missy.

Children in Need thinks this is a terrible way to raise kids and has decided to help. What other charity will let you donate whenever you can because time is relative.


When you’re around 2,000 years old it’s understandable if people don’t go all out for the candles on your cake. The Doctor has said that’s his age, but rule one is The Doctor lies, so we really don’t know how old he is. Whenever his age comes up, it’s always a different number. Plus time travel tends to make it difficult to keep track. There are times when he’s spent centuries in one place, then undid all that time, so how could anyone ever know what the actual date is?

Also, if you keep changing your appearance and friends every few years, it stands to reason that no one will ever be able to remember your birthday. The Doctor’s only long-term relationship is with The Master/Missy and they’re definitely not baking any cakes.


While it’s true that every Doctor is different, the new versions have all had a romantic spirit to them. Nine and Ten were in love with Rose. Ten cared about Martha and Donna was his best friend. Eleven created a fun little family with Amy and Rory. Not to mention how Ten, Eleven and Twelve were all mad about River Song.

Despite all the nice feelings and words, the Twelfth Doctor never had the softer side of the other incarnations. It’s not that he didn’t care, he just wasn’t one for flowery speeches and declarations. If he likes you, he’ll save you and give you a little time. That’s the best you’re going to get. It will be interesting to see how the Thirteenth Doctor expresses herself.


Plenty of movies and TV shows have tried to explain time travel over the years. From Back to the Future to The Terminator to Timeless, every project has their own rules. However, none have broken it down as simply as time isn’t a straight line, it’s more a wibbly wobbly timey wimey ball of stuff.

This is the explanation the Tenth Doctor gives in "Blink" when he’s questioned about participating in a conversation that doesn’t happen for 40 years. This makes sense in the wierdest way and, other than their reaction to statues, it’s also the fastest way to spot a Whovian. If you’re supposed to meet someone and their excuse for being late is that time went all wibbly wobbly, you know instantly they’re a Doctor Who fan.


When The Doctor regenerates and a new actor comes in there’s always an adjustment period for fans, as they now must get used to a whole new set of personality quirks and catchphrases. For Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor that included a love of fezs, which has become mandatory for cosplay, lots of dancing and probably way too much dirty talk from River.

In the storylines a few constants became clear as well. First up there were plenty of convenient, last minute fixes that solved everything. Secondly, Rory died a lot. Like to the point that it became a running joke and after awhile lost some of its impact. Finally, the show’s popularity led to an expected rash of celebrity guests including James Corden, Bill Nighy and Sophie Okonedo. Warning, if you play this game, you will be on the floor by the time the first episode is over.


From the moment they first appeared in "Blink", there has not been a more terrifying Doctor Who villain than the Weeping Angels. They’re statues that move so fast you can never get away from them once they’re after you. Their one weakness is they can’t move if you’re looking at them. They instantly become statues again.

So, don’t look away for a second, don’t even blink. What makes them so scary is that there are statues everywhere in the real world and some of them even look like the Weeping Angels from TV, which means they’re impossible to avoid. Especially if you love Doctor Who and your mom collects angels and lines them up in her house like a little army. Only real Doctor Who fans know to be wary around certain statutes and to never look away.


By now, any nerd worth their salt knows that Guardians of the Galaxy’s Nebula was also Doctor Who’s Amy Pond. While Karen Gillan is mostly unrecognizable under her Nebula makeup, she still brings her special brand of feistiness to the role. It probably helps that she has all that experience travelling through space.

When The Doctor and Amy first meet, she is a little girl. He needs to fix the TARDIS, so he tells her he’ll be back in five minutes, but of course he gets side tracked and comes back years later and she’s an adult. He’s quite surprised when he figures out his mistake. A very clever fan has taken that misunderstanding and combined it with Nebula for a hilarious crossover that we all want to see.

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