Doctor Who Fans Petition to Turn Empire State Building TARDIS Blue For Anniversary

The BBC will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who next month in grand style, complete with a 3D special broadcast simultaneously around the globe, but die-hard fans have some plans of their own.

Nearly 24,000 Whovians have signed a petition at Change.org to turn the lights of the Empire State Building TARDIS blue for the big event on Nov. 23.

The iconic New York City structure is equipped with multi-colored lights that sometimes reflect holidays and special occasions, ranging from red and green for Christmas to green and white for the Belmont Stakes to rainbow for New York City's Gay Pride Weekend.

As TheWrap points out, there are a number of rules for when the building's owners will and won't change the lights. However, petitioners certainly stand a chance, as the Empire State Building isn't a stranger to television tie-ins: It went orange Sept. 16 to celebrate Nickelodeon's International Day of Play.

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