Doctor Who Episode Scripts Available Online for Free

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If you are a fan of Doctor Who and ever envisioned yourself one day joining its writers' room, then you're in luck. Scripts for the popular series have been made available online for free by the BBC.

Included in the BBC Writers' Room Script Library are Episode 3 and Episode 4 from Season 9, Episode 8 from Season 10 and the Season 11 premiere featuring Jodie Whittaker.

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"The Woman Who Fell to Earth" introduced Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, with the star confirmed to return for a Season 12. Though filming will take place this year, Season 12 won't debut until 2020. The reason given for the delay is due to the show's "uniquely complex filming requirements and a lengthy post-production period," according to Lizo Mzimba, the BBC's entertainment correspondent.

The Doctor Who New Year Special, titled "Doctor Who: Resolution," aired on Jan. 1 and drew the lowest ratings since 2005. The special was the first since Jodi Whittaker took on the role of the Time Lord to feature one of the Doctor's classic villains, the Daleks. The episode was an origin story that commented on and satirized current affairs, including Brexit. With the 2020 delay, the special marks the only new episode of Doctor Who scheduled to air this year.

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