Doctor Who Comes To America In New Season?

After conquering America through BBC America's rebroadcasts of the new series, is the BBC's Doctor Who about to make it to the real thing for the show's next season? A leaked memo suggests so.

The Doctor Who Newspage noticed that series line producer David Mason had recently updated his resume to include mention of a "USA Location Shoot" (that has, perhaps tellingly, since been removed), with no further details included. If true, this wouldn't be the first time Who has shot outside the UK - previous episodes have been shot on location in Italy, Croatia and the Arabian Gulf - and may, as Bleeding Cool's Brendan Connelly points out mean the series could tie in with the fourth season of spin-off series Torchwood, which will be entirely shot and located in the US (as well as subtitled The New World). More importantly, it might mean that the Doctor can bring his love of bow ties to a whole new continent...

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