<i>Doctor Who</i> Celebrating 50 With <i>An Adventure in Space and Time</i>

The BBC has big plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. We already know the upcoming seventh season will see the departure of Amy and Rory, the introduction of new companion and a battle with the Daleks, but that's not all: A 90-minute television movie is also in the works.

Called An Adventure in Space and Time, the docudrama will tell the story of Doctor Who from its first broadcast in 1963, and examine how the original Doctor William Hartnell made the transition from playing tough-guy roles to portraying what writer Mark Gatiss describes as "a hero to millions of children."

"I've wanted to tell this story this for more years than I can remember!" Gatiss, who co-created Sherlock with Steven Moffat, said in a press release. "To make it happen for Doctor Who's 50th birthday is quite simply a dream come true."

The BBC took the same docudrama approach in 2010 with The Road to Coronation Street, which examined the birth of popular soap opera five decades earlier.

"The story of Doctor Who is the story of television," said Moffat, who's executive producing the project, "so it's fitting in the anniversary year that we make our most important journey back in time to see how the TARDIS was launched.”

Production and casting details will be announced next year.

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