'Doctor Who' Alum John Barrowman Dazzled DragonCon in a TARDIS Dress

Last weekend at DragonCon, "Arrow" star John Barrowman set Twitter ablaze after conducting his panel in a TARDIS dress and a pair of bright red heels (via Fashionably Geek). Barrowman, who is best known for his role as fan favorite character Captain Jack on "Doctor Who," gave the audience a spin and a dance in order to show off his duds. Pictures of the panel have popped up all over social media since.

Not at #DragonCon2015? Then you missed a certain @Team_Barrowman rocking out as a #Tardis. #DoctorWho #DragonCon pic.twitter.com/RQ12PRFhLI

— Shaun Rosado (@pneumaz) September 6, 2015

— On Wednesdays... (@OnWnet) September 6, 2015

— Molly Golightly (@funnyhairpin) September 6, 2015

Sharing (bad) video of @Team_Barrowman in his TARDIS dress. I wish you could've been there. #Ownet #DragonCon2015 pic.twitter.com/pguQ2ATz0o

— Fun-Size (@hemcover) September 6, 2015


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