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Doctor Who: 15 Spinoff Comics We Need

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Doctor Who: 15 Spinoff Comics We Need

WARNING: The following list contains several spoilers for the Doctor Who series.

Titan Comics has done a great job making sure the adventures of “Doctor Who” never end. There are comics for almost everyone’s favorite incarnation of The Doctor from both the New Who and Classic Doctor Who series. To take things even further, there are even crossover event comics that feature multiple Doctors.

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Since this year marks the 50th anniversary of The Doctor’s robotic foes, The Cybermen, Titan Comics has been releasing the multi-Doctor comic series “Supremacy of The Cybermen”. Featuring the Ninth, Tenth, Eleven, and Twelfth Doctors and a lot of companions, this comic is something many Whovians have dreamed of.

As exciting as these comics have been, there is so much more untapped potential. There are characters, places, and alternate timelines yet to be explored in “Doctor Who” that seem right to do in comic form. In chronological order, here are fifteen “Doctor Who” spinoff comics we need to read.

15.  Jack Harkness Adventures


With his personal history, charm, and attraction to literally everyone, Jack Harkness deserves a comic book spin off for the ages. Since he is an immortal Time Agent/con artist, there are practically infinite stories to tell. While the “Doctor Who” spinoff series “Torchwood” fills up some of the gaps between the “Doctor Who” episodes “The Parting of the Ways” and “Utopia”, there is still some time unaccounted for.

One comic could focus on Jack and John Hart, a partner from his past. They became romantic partners after being trapped in a two-week time loop for five years, but we’ve never seen exactly what happened or what caused them to become estranged until their reunion in “Torchwood.”

Another comic could focus on Jack and Ashilder, another person made immortal after coming across The Doctor. Given the trials Ashilder suffered over the years, she could use some guidance from someone in similar circumstances.

14. River Song Adventures


With a history so rich and complicated, you’d think River Song’s adventures would already be in comic book form. There are a lot of blanks to fill in between the “Doctor Who” episodes she appears in. Since River was raised by The Silence and conditioned to kill the Doctor, her childhood would be interesting to read about.

In addition to seeing River being raised by The Silence, seeing her raised unwittingly by her parents could be fun to read, especially if River is a teenager. Imagine a rebellious River Song going to high school with her own parents and having them teach her about dating!

As a Professor of Archeology, she could even be a female Indiana Jones, retrieving objects from various people throughout time and space for a living while tracking The Doctor. Although “Doctor Who” showed some of this, it would be nice to see her do this without running into The Doctor.

13. The Paternoster Gang


These three are literally the Waston and Holmes of their time. There should be a comic about them solving endless alien and human related mysteries, particularly ones like Jack The Ripper. Vastra mentioned the incident in the “DW” episode “A Good Man Goes To War” and it sounds too delightful not to be expanded further.

The first meeting between Jenny and Vastra would also be pleasant reading, because it’s curious how a former human-hating alien woman and a human woman end up falling love. As Vastra’s maid, it is entirely possible that Jenny learned her combat skills from her. Having Vastra train Jenny as they solve their first mysteries together would be thrilling.

An even more creative idea would be to add steampunk elements to the Paternoster Gang. Combining Victorian-era technology that they live in with an alien disturbance that didn’t require The Doctor’s help makes for a refreshing story.

12. Clara and Ashilder/Me


Many fans have wanted a Clara and Ashilder (a.k.a. “Me”) spinoff since the series 9 finale. Clara wanting to take “the long way around” back to Gallifrey practically begs for a comic book series. A Clara and Me comic series could be groundbreaking in more ways than one, especially for fans who have wanted to see a lady in the TARDIS.

Even though Ashilder and Clara aren’t Time Ladies, Ashilder’s experience as an immortal and Clara’s experiences with The Doctor are bound to come in handy during their adventures together. Although the two may butt heads due to different opinions of The Doctor, they have the potential to become great friends and something more.

In fact, seeing two women having adventures in time and space would be great, but seeing two queer women would be even better. Given how Clara’s possible queerness was hinted at in “Doctor Who,” pursuing a romantic relationship with Ashilder shouldn’t be impossible. Clara and Ashilder could go visit Jane Austen and Clara could make Ashilder jealous by flirting with the author. Then, chaos ensues and leads Ashilder and Clara to confess their feelings for each other.

11. A Night On Darillium


In “The Husbands of River Song,” The Twelfth Doctor explains to River Song that their last night on Darillium would last twenty four years. 24 years of adventures would be perfect for fans who loved the chemistry between The Twelfth Doctor and River song. Darillium may seem like a honeymoon paradise, but trouble is never far behind.

There might be a mystery within The Singing Towers that the two need to solve. The two could encounter what made The Singing Towers in the first place and find that it threatens the well-being of everyone on the planet. Alternatively, River and The Doctor could go exploring and find items to add to both of their collections.

Other stories could include more romantic and screwball moments between the two over smaller matters. River could try to make The Doctor dye his roots or pluck his striking eyebrows and he could serenade her with his guitar.

10. Missy


As cunning and terrifying as The Master is, Missy is even more so. By adding a Victorian femme fatale aspect to The Master’s obsession with The Doctor, Missy has become a compelling character to watch onscreen. Putting Missy on the page would develop her character even further.

Missy didn’t just happen to show up in The Doctor’s life again and decide to manipulate him. She escaped from the pocket universe that contained Gallifrey somehow and that story needs to be told. Whether she manipulated the Time Lords themselves or escaped from them, the feat is too incredible to be left unexplained.

Since Missy isn’t the only woman in The Doctor’s life, it’s surprising that she and River Song never crossed paths either. While the two certainly wouldn’t be above fighting over The Doctor, seeing River having to protect The Doctor from Missy makes for a compelling read.

9. The Human Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler


The last time we saw these two, they were left in the parallel world known as Pete’s World. The Human Tenth Doctor (meaning the clone byproduct spawned by a stray regeneration) had been deemed too dangerous after attempting to commit genocide against the Daleks and only Rose could make him a better person.

Rose was given this task because she made the original Doctor a better person after countless adventures. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Human Tenth Doctor won’t improve as a person unless he went on adventures with her too. Thanks to the piece of TARDIS coral that was given to them, the two could travel through time and space while taking appropriate precautions to protect themselves.

In addition to having adventures, the two could also finally start dating, marry, and start a family. Not only would this make he dreams of many Rose-Tenth Doctor fans come true, but it would also be a great way to mark the human Doctor’s personal growth and ensure that his time with Rose is worth it.

8. The Gallifrey Chronicles


The Doctor can sometimes be caught reminiscing about his past life on Gallifrey prior to the Time War. Given that we’ve only recently seen Gallifrey as an actual planet in New Who, it would be fascinating to see what life is like for the Time Lords.

Based on what we’ve seen and heard about Gallifrey, it seems pretty on the outside and solemn on the inside. The Tenth Doctor once spoke of an initiation children of Gallifrey underwent at the age of eight. Viewing the experience through The Doctor’s or The Master’s eyes would be a treat.

When it comes to The Doctor, this is an opportunity to see what his past was like. In fact, these comics could tease the answer to the greatest mystery about the Doctor: his real name. To cast his real name aside for the title of The Doctor must have involved some life-changing events.

7. The TARDIS Adventures


In the Neil Gaiman-written episode “The Doctor’s Wife,” The TARDIS was given the form of a human woman. If the TARDIS were to somehow become this form again and retain the ability to take The Doctor through time and space, she could become the ultimate companion to The Doctor.

Since The TARDIS doesn’t have a name of her own, the first adventure with her as a woman should be acquiring one. Maybe they could go to a planet of words and find the TARDIS a proper name while fighting aliens. Her intelligence combined with her bond with The Doctor proved helpful, so she can survive future adventures as a human.

If The Doctor traveled through time with The TARDIS as a woman, then he would never be lonely when his other companions leave him. The TARDIS could talk to The Doctor and cheer him up and be his friend while taking him where he needs to go.

6. Doctor Who What If?


When watching “Doctor Who,” there are moments when you think, “What if things had gone differently?” If there were a limited series of comics addressing this, then things could get very interesting. Marvel Comics did something similar a few years back, so Doctor Who should be able to do the same.

One comic could be titled “What If Donna Noble Had Been Saved?” This comic would show what would have happened if Donna Noble never had the Time Lord Meta Crisis and never had her memory wiped. Donna Noble could still have her newfound sense of importance and use it to give her and The Doctor strength.

Another comic could be “What If Rory Hadn’t Been Sent Back In Time?” Rory and Amy could be brought back after being lost in time thanks to the Weeping Angels, and keep having adventures with their daughter and The Doctor. They could be one big happy time traveling family.

5. Martha Jones and UNIT Adventures


Between the episodes “Last of The Time Lords” and “The Sontaran Strategem”, there are a lot of blank spaces to be filled for the character Martha Jones. Given the character’s modest popularity, it wouldn’t hurt to continue her adventures beyond her appearances on “Doctor Who” and even “Torchwood.”

Given how her time with The Doctor changed her, she was probably recruited to UNIT not long after parting ways with The Doctor. Seeing her early adventures with UNIT and seeing her and her family heal from their experiences with The Doctor has the potential to be a promising read for fans of her character.

By showing her early adventures with UNIT, the comics are also an excellent opportunity to show how Martha learned to apply her medical knowledge to her field experience gained from traveling with The Doctor. Far more than an unrequited love interest, Martha Jones’ molding into a bona-fide medical officer is worth seeing.

4. More “Torchwood” Adventures


“Torchwood” was a spinoff series of Doctor Who that had a good four seasons before going on an indefinite hiatus. Since it has been five years since the last season aired, reviving “Torchwood” as a comic book series could bring in new fans while entertaining fans of the tv show.

One take on “Torchwood” in the comics would be to add some new characters and incorporate some characters from Doctor Who. If Ashilder met Captain Jack Harkness this way, then she could not only find the companionship she needs but also have a greater purpose.

Another idea would be to focus on different branches of “Torchwood.” Captain Jack Harkness could still reform Torchwood, but then visit other branches and use their members as backup in case of a major emergency. We’re sure fans would also want to see more of Rex Matheson, who was introduced in “Miracle Day” and shown to have acquired the same type of immortality that Captain Jack has.

3. The Doctor’s Daughter, Jenny


One of the saddest moments in Doctor Who was when The Doctor finally accepted he could have a family of his own — Jenny, his not-quite-a-clone-of-his daughter — and then seemingly lost her. With Jenny currently traveling through time and space in a ship, it would be a crime to not have her reunite with The Doctor again.

If Jenny met The Tenth Doctor again in the comics, then they could be a father-daughter time traveling team. Her military combat skills and athleticism wowed her dad, so she would do well by his side. Since they are both Time Lords, they could work together to find Gallifrey while going on adventures.

On the other hand, having Jenny meet The Twelfth Doctor wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Given The Doctor’s aged appearance, Jenny discovering him provides an opportunity for The Doctor to rediscover his fatherly side with hilarious and heartwarming storytelling.

2. Martha Jones and Mickey Smith Adventures


Having Martha Jones and Mickey Smith get married was rather lazily done in the “Doctor Who” television series. However, if their adventures were to continue in comic books, then their relationship could be developed further.

On the surface, it seems like Martha Jones and Mickey Smith were only married because they were the only two black characters in Doctor Who. Yet they have something in common that could’ve brought them together: being hung up over someone they couldn’t have. Seeing Martha and Mickey discuss their unrequited love woes over coffee and then deciding to date while fighting aliens is entirely possible as a comic book storyline.

An even better take on Smith and Jones might be for them to start a family and then have their kids fight aliens alongside them or take over their parent’s jobs. They could even team up with The Human Doctor and Rose and travel through time and space together.

1. The Pond Adventures


When Rory Williams became The Last Centurion in order to protect his wife in The Pandorica box, one has to wonder how he managed to do it for hundreds of years. A limited comic series showing Rory protecting the box through the centuries would be heartwarming. Rory doesn’t just have to stand there and guard the box. Instead, the comic could also show him learning to defend the box with various combat picked up throughout the years.

Another “Doctor Who” comic series featuring Rory and Amy Pond could tell what happened after the couple was sent back in time by the Weeping Angels. Although we know Amy became an author, it would be a waste for her and Rory not to put her time with The Doctor to more constructive use and continue fighting aliens. Maybe the two could be a husband-and-wife alien crime detectives and use their experiences as material for Amy’s books.

What Doctor Who comics do you want to read? Let us know in the comments!

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