Doctor Tomorrow: Valiant's Newest Superhero Arrives in February 2020

The Valiant Universe will welcome a new superhero next year: Doctor Tomorrow.

The new series will be written by Alejandro Arbona (contributor to the Eisner-Award winning anthology Love is Love), with art from Jim Towe (Spider-Man/Deadpool). The description reads as follows.

This February, teenage hothead and star athlete Bart Simms will come face to face with the Valiant Universe's greatest hero... himself!

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While details are scarce, the opening sequel for issue #1 was released, which introduced Doctor Tomorrow's nemesis, Hadrian, and features many beloved characters from the larger Valiant Universe.

"There are things about this comic that I think will really resonate with readers and that I think people will be really excited about, but I can't talk about what those things are, because they're giant spoilers," teased Arbona. "This comic is just really full of surprises and zig-zags, and if we've done our job well, every issue will throw you for a loop."

"Aesthetically, I wanted to capture a combination of sci-fi elements with golden age flare," Towe added. "Each character lands somewhere on that spectrum, and very deliberately, too."

Doctor Tomorrow #1 hits shelves on Feb. 19th, 2020.

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