Doctor Strange's Greatest Powers and Abilities


When you have to be the Sorcerer Supreme for an entire planet, you have to be able to hang in there with some very powerful bad guys. That is why Doctor Stephen Strange, Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, is one of the most powerful beings on the entire planet. Most of his powers come from his mastery of the mystical arts, so you could argue that this list could be summed up as "#1-15: Really good at magic", but the important thing with Doctor Strange is what his magical abilities allow him to do.

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Strange's mastery of magic has given him a number of distinctive powers that he uses in his everyday defense of the world from evil creatures and mystical demons. Some of them are from go-to spells, some of them are from his magical artifacts that he carries and some of them are just ingrained into his body. Here, then, we count down his most powerful super powers and other abilities that Doctor Strange has gained over the years.

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15Martial Arts

When you're as powerful as Doctor Strange is, his "natural" skills tend to be overlooked a bit, which is a shame, as they really do play a major role in his success as a superhero. For instance, Strange is a brilliant strategist, which obviously affects his ability to masterfully protect Earth from otherworldly forces. Strange's skills as a surgeon are what brought him to become a superhero in the first place (as he damaged the nerves in his hands, requiring him to look for a magical cure).

One of his natural skills that comes in handy a lot is his training in martial arts. There are times when magical artifacts and weapons might fail you, so it is important to know that you can defend yourself using hand-to-hand combat. Strange was even able to slow down a possessed Wolverine once with his fighting skills (which were taught to him by both the Ancient One and Wong).


It just goes to show how impressive Doctor Strange's abilities are that the ability to fly is so low on the list. "Oh, you can fly? Big deal. Who can't?" In the case of Doctor Strange, his flying ability has a particularly utilitarian function. Strange likely could fly on his own if he wanted to, but doing so would require concentration that would most likely be better used on more important spells. Therefore, one of Doctor Strange's most important magical items is his Cloak of Levitation that takes care of all his flying needs for him (Strange also has mental control of his Cloak, so he can make it do other things, like block attacks from bad guys). Over the years, Strange has also worn a Trenchcoat of Levitation.

One of the coolest things about Strange flying is that, as per the name of his cloak, what he really does is levitate instead of fly, so you get lots of classic shots of Strange over the year just hanging out while floating in the middle of a room.

13Protective Shields

Another one of Strange's less exotic powers, but an important one, is his shields. His most common shield spell is invoking the "Shields of the Seraphim" to create a magical energy shield, but Strange has formed a number of other shields over the years. One of his common shield spells is an unnamed one where he creates a bubble around himself when he is in outer space or in other places where he might have problems breathing.

Strange's unnamed shields are so second-nature to him that he barely needs to concentrate on maintaining them when they are not under direct attacks, which is helpful for the same reason why it helps to have a cloak to help him fly - he doesn't need to spend much time on them while he is trying to work out other spells. When he is under attack, though, that's when he needs the more specific and more powerful spells like the aforementioned "Shields of the Seraphim."

12Astral Projection

One of Doctor Strange's more unusual abilities is also one of his most useful and frequently used, which is the ability to astral project. Astral projection is when Strange sends, in effect, his own spirit out of his physical body into the spiritual world, known as the Astral Plane.

His Astral form cannot be seen or heard by everyday humans, so Strange is basically a ghost while in Astral form. This obviously comes in handy when he wants to do some investigating during a case. However, while he does not have a physical form, he can still perform magic while in his Astral form. Luckily for Strange, his powerful Eye of Agamotto also works while in Astral form.

One danger for Strange is that his physical body is left undefended while he is in Astral form, so it is a good thing that Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum is hard to break into.

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