10 Times Doctor Strange Saved The Entire Marvel Universe

Master of the Mystic Arts, Sorceror Supreme, and Master of Black Magic are only some of the many names of Marvel's Doctor Strange. He has long reigned as Marvel Comics' signature magician, defending reality from some of the deadliest mystical threats.

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Without Strange, the universe would have been destroyed many years ago. Using his cunning and in-depth knowledge of the arcane, Doctor Strange has managed to save the universe an innumerable amount of times. Here are the top ten times Doctor Strange saved the entire Marvel universe.

10 Defenders and the Undying Ones

The Defenders Marvel Comics

After having once dominated Earth, the demon race known as the Undying Ones was banished to another dimension. Many years later they managed to make their way back. This was especially thanks to their leader the Nameless One.

In order to combat the ancient demonic forces, Doctor Strange formed the Defenders. Manipulating both the incredible Hulk and Namor of Atlantis into joining, the Defenders proved to be a formidable superteam that went on to save the universe from many supernatural threats.

9 Circle of Four

Venom Circle of Four - Venom, Red Hulk, X-23, Ghost Rider Splash Page

Blackheart, the son of the powerful demon Mephisto, once sought to turn the Earth into a Hell-like world. In hopes to stop this, a new team including Red Hulk, Venom, Ghost Rider, X-23, Daimon Hellstorm and Doctor Strange himself worked together to stop this from happening.

While Hellstorm and Strange fight to keep the Hell from spreading further on Earth, the other heroes entered the area already turned into Hell to reverse the process. If it wasn't for Strange's experience and magic, it is very likely that the entire world would have been turned into a new Hell. As the center of superhuman power, Earth's downfall would not have boded well for the rest of the universe.

8 Dormammu First Encounter

As the Ancient One's powers began to wane, Dormammu saw this as his opportunity to finally invade Earth. What he did not count on was the Ancient One's new apprentice, Stephen Strange.  This lead to the two magic users' first encounter, which turned out to be a memorable one.

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Strange decided to go on the offensive, electing to travel to the Dark Dimension rather than waiting for this foe to invade Earth. Unfortunately,  although Dormammu easily won,  he overextended himself. After using a great amount of magic, he left his realm vulnerable to invasion from the Mindless Ones. Doctor Strange worked with his enemy to save the Dark Dimension, then made a deal to spare Earth.

7 Dracula

One of the most dangerous races in the Marvel universe are the vampires. Lead by the legendary Dracula, these monsters have the sole purpose of slowly taking over mankind. Given their supernatural nature, it was only a matter of time before they came head to head with the Master of the Mystic Arts himself.

After joining a group of vampire hunters while on one of his adventures, Strange got his hold on the infamous Darkhold book. Casting the Montesi Formula spell written within, he was then able to kill every vampire on Earth, including Dracula.

6 The Midnight Sons

The Defenders were not the only superhero team that Doctor Strange helped form. When the demons Zarathos and Lilith attempted to conquer Earth, Strange new a special team was needed to defeat such powerful enemies.

Both Ghost Riders, Morbius, Blade, and his other vampire-hunting allies all joined this new team, now called the Midnight Sons. After some intense battles, the Midnight Sons were able to defeat the demonic forces. They would later form each time demonic forces invaded Earth.

5 Mys-Tech

A large corporation based in Britain, Mys-Tech is a massive organization that has actually existed for over a thousand years. This company's origins actually date back to 987 A.D., when seven cult members made a deal with Mephisto to help funnel souls to his realm.

During one of Mys-Tech's many schemes, they created a mystical replica of Earth called "Un-Earth." This Un-Earth began to destroy the fabric of reality. Thanks to Doctor Strange, the damage was undone and Mys-Tech defeated.

4 Avengers: Disassembled

Scarlet Witch Avengers Disassembled

During the Avengers: Disassembled storyline, Scarlet Witch suffered a mental breakdown and began destroying reality. Over the course of the story, her misuse of powers leads to the deaths of several Avengers, including Hawkeye, and ends with the superhero team disbanding.

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Arriving just in time, Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to incapacitate Wanda, ending her rampage. If he had not intervened, there is no telling how much chaos she could have caused.

3 Incursions

Marvel Multiverse Incursions

A group of Marvel's most influential heroes, the Illuminati, formed to deal with many of Marvel universe's most deadly threats in secret. This superhero team eventually learned about the incursions, an event where two universes collide, destroying both.

In an effort to save the mainstream universe, Doctor Strange and the Illuminati were able to destroy a few other universes as well as harness certain magical powers to prevent them from happening altogether.

2 In-Betweener and the Creators

A group of sorcerers known as the Creators hoped to reshape reality to their own benefit. In order to do this, they enlisted the help of the powerful cosmic being known as the In-Betweener.

Although he is immensely powerful, Doctor Strange was eventually able to stop the In-Betweener using cunning and magic. He then saved reality and imprisoned In-Betweener, who was not seen again for quite some time.

1 Shuma-Gorath and the Ancient One

Shuma-Gorath is an extradimensional entity with great power and a desire to rule Earth, as he had done many millennia ago. One of this creature's more devious plots involved possessing the mind of the Ancient One himself.

Knowing that Shuma-Gorath's return would mean the end of Earth, the Ancient One did everything he could to fend off its attacks. The ancient master was simply not strong enough. It a last-ditch effort, Ancient One asked Doctor Strange to kill him. Strange reluctantly agreed, stopping Shuma-Gorath but also killing his close friend.

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