Doctor Strange: The 10 Best Sorcerer Supremes, Ranked

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Sorcerer Supreme or Sorceress Supreme, in short, basically means that you are one of the strongest and most talented people in the Marvel Universe. The most well known Sorcerer Supreme is Doctor Stephen Strange.

A Sorcerer Supreme is someone who is able to master all kinds of magic arts, essentially making their skills far greater than anyone else. They are able to access any other world or dimension. There can be more than one at the same time, especially if one Sorcerer Supreme can do more than the other, or have certain skills and abilities that the other one is lacking.

They are always a valuable asset to any superhero or villain team, as their powers are usually unable to be matched by any other hero. There have been a number of them in the Marvel universe, both good and bad, but we've compiled the best ten.

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Sir Newton is famous in our world for the same things he's famous for in the Marvel universe. Except, in this world, he's a human, whereas in Marvel he's a Sorcerer Supreme.

He is, in case you weren't aware, the one who created calculus, a water clock, studied sciences, discovered the prisms of light, and more. He also invented the Reflecting Telescope. In Marvel, he appears in a number of issues, but he is known for basically the same things.


Necrom was the father to another famous and very powerful Sorcerer Supreme, who will be listed a little lower.

He is the one who thought that all worlds reflected another one, and that is why Marvel consisted of a Multiverse. He figured out which worlds were aligned to one another, but the problem was that he never actually told those he taught about this.


Shanzar was not a good Sorcerer Supreme, but you don't have to be a good man to be one of the best Sorcerer Supremes.

He was busy trying to destroy the world instead of protecting it. He formed an alliance with the Wild One who was a dark god in order to get more power. Things didn't go his way, but he continued on with his conquest to rule the world. Sometimes when you're bad, you stay bad.


Margali Szardos is a morally ambiguous Sorcereress Supreme. She tends to use her black magick for good, but no one actually knows when she will appear to help out.

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Her origins are mysterious, but what we do know is that her whole family was involved with magick. Margali even ended up being a foster mother to a very famous mutant named Nightcrawler. She also had other children, but Nightcrawler was likely her more well known one.


Merlyn! Even if you weren't aware that Sorcerer Supreme Merlyn existed in the comics, chances are you have heard the legends about him and King Arthur. In the historical context, he was King Arthur's greatest mentor, and he helps him in the journey of his life.

Merlyn, in both the Arthurian legends and in Marvel's history, is one of the greatest Sorcerer Supremes in history. He is an omniversal Sorcerer Supreme. While he never truly goes into detail in the Marvel comics about his past with the King, he claims he is, in fact, the same Sorcerer Supreme.


Magik had a very hard life, and that included spending time in Limbo where her entire existence changed. Prior to claiming the title of Sorcereress Supreme, she was just a simple mutant (if mutants could be simple). She is the sister to Colossus.

She was taught by many people to become the Sorcerer Supreme, and one of them was an alternate Storm. She was taught how to use white magic which was helpful to others rather than black magick. She even learned to heal herself.


Loki is known for being one of the most skilled people in the Marvel universe. Loki is able to do many things, including manipulating matter, can change his physical appearance, fly, teleport, and use energy to his abilities.

There are basically no limits to what he could do, and although he is on the villainous side of the line, he is still one of the most powerful and best magick users out there. He has faked his own death a numerous amount of times to get himself out of sticky situations and has used his powers to create havoc wherever he went.


The Ancient One was the Sorcerer Supreme who taught Doctor Strange. He is extremely powerful and was able to activate the mystical abilities of others.

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Once the Ancient One passed away, his soul ascended into its own spiritual plane. His soul actually became a cosmic entity, and when Doctor Strange truly needed him, it would take shape. While in the Marvel comics, the Ancient one was a man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Ancient One was actually played by a woman, making her a Sorcereress Supreme.


This Sorcerer Supreme exists in more than one universe! He can access the DC world and the Marvel world and does everything in his power to make sure nothing in his own dimension gets destroyed.

He was able to possess Doctor Strange and have strangely created incursions between the dimensions. He even combined the X-Men and the JLA into a massive superteam to defeat a personal enemy. There was only one person who could defeat him, and that's the person who grabbed the number one spot on this list.


Doctor Strange is the most well known Sorcerer Supreme. He was once an arrogant Neurosurgeon, but after a personal loss, he tried to find a cure. That led him to Tibet, where he had to endure the biggest physical and mental adventure of his life.

It was there that he met the Ancient One, who taught him the ways of magick, dimensions, and power. He had to prove himself as worthy, and in doing so, he has learned everything he needed to make him the greatest Sorcerer Supreme of all time.

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