Doctor Strange Screenwriter Pens Badass, Angel-Hunting Short Film

C. Robert Cargill is on a bit of hot streak.

The screenwriter, who not only collaborated with director Scott Derrickson on "Sinister and "Sinister 2" but also Marvel's "Doctor Strange," somehow found time to pen the eerie short film "As They Continue to Fall" for up-and-coming filmmaker Nikhil Bhagat.

Even the film's description is cryptic: "An aging drifter hunts fallen angels in a city slowly falling apart." You may be thinking, "Wait, like, literal fallen angels?" Yes. A literal angel hunter. Just watch:

Even with in the six-and-a-half-minute run time, "As They Continue to Fall" manages to establish the kind of creepy- cool world you'd expect from Cargill.

Bhagat uploaded the film Oct. 19 to YouTube and thanked both the collaboration of the crew as well as the online support that made it possible. Bhagat met Cargill through Reddit (throw that in you mom's face next time she tells you to stop spending so much time online) and it led to the collaboration for the film student's professional debut. "Ultimately Cargill gave me an amazing script and I tried to make it as cinematic and entertaining as possible," Bhagat writes.

The project is also a product of following your passion -- even if it requires a change in career. The film's now-closed Kickstarter page reveals that Cargill began writing about movies for Ain't It Cool News and Spill.com before actually writing movies. At the ripe old age of 24, Bhagat graduated with a political science and international affairs degree, and worked in Washington, D.C., before studying film at NYU and USC.

Bhagat writes that this is "a sliver of a bigger story," so keep your fingers crossed we'll see more.

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