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Doctor Strange, Priest, Kick-Ass 2: Sept 10th Comic Reel

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Doctor Strange, Priest, Kick-Ass 2: Sept 10th Comic Reel


Artist Brendan McCarthy added fuel to the “Strange”/Pixar fire when he told Bad Librarianship (via Cinema Blend) the following: “I was over in Hollywood earlier this year mooching about, and I had a meeting at Disney and the conversation drifted around to Pixar animating a ‘Dr. Strange’ movie.” There have been rumors of the “Doctor Strange” project becoming animated, but just as many live action ones have popped up as well. While only Marvel knows where the film is slotted in its internal schedule, there are some who say it could be next in line after “Runaways.”

Release date: 2011


Here at CBR, we have the new trailer for the film:

Looks interesting enough.

Release date: May 13th, 2011


Chloe Moretz tells IGN about something she hopes to include in the sequel: “My proposition for Kick-Ass 2 which I told to Jane Goldman and Mark Millar is that Hit-Girl, has to have a purple Ducatti with massive guns! I watched Salt, and Angelina Jolie has a scene on a motorbike, and I was like – ‘Man, she stole it from me! That was my idea!’ But mine will be purple, with machine guns, and a gadget board that pops out.” Truly, a “Kick-Ass” ride. (Gah, the pun!) Meanwhile, Mark Millar revealed the identity of “The Motherfucker” to Empire. It’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse … or his character. Millar seems to blur the reality line in interviews. “Chris said to me he hates the fact that people always call him McLovin’. So my aim was to give him a new name for people to call him. And the villain calls himself The Motherfucker. Chris is The Motherfucker, the worst of all supervillains,” says the writer.

Release date: TBA


Josh Brolin tells MTV News about some of the problems with the finish film while promoting “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”:

On DVD: October 12th, 2010

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and other sites are pointing to the IMDB page for the film which now lists Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Nicholas Cage as appearing in the film. While it’s easy to add names to IMDB’s pages, suggests the actors could be making cameo appearances like the ones in “Saving Private Ryan.” Too bad we won’t see the Pacific theater in the film; Willis would make a great Douglas MacArthur. I suppose Cage could be Patton or a truly inspired version of Eisenhower.

Starring Chris Evans, release date: July 22nd, 2011


According to The One, Bilbo may a more active role in the film version of the Battle of Five Armies. According to a character summary they obtained, “[Bilbo] doesn’t have huge courage he does become, particularly in the last battle, very brave.” In the book, Bilbo gets knocked out. In the Rakin/Bass animated version from the 1970s, Bilbo put on the Ring and sat the battle out. Since the Battle looks like a flea circus in that version, it might be for the best. If the stars align, TORn’s sources say the film could go into production as early as January.

Release date: TBA


Mania notes the “Danny” character mentioned in the recent script review could be the Danny Ketch character. “And can we bet that ‘Danny’ is Danny Ketch?” they write. Setting up a replacement for Nicholas Cage’s Johnny Blaze isn’t a bad idea. In fact, I’d love for a superhero movie to tackle legacy.

Release date: 2011?


Bono & the Edge of U2 and director Julie Taymor spoke with USA Today about the production. “What’s special is the very ordinariness of Peter Parker. It sounds odd to say, but Spider-Man is as important to the 21st century as the story of Ulysses was to the ancient Greeks. These are morality plays, where luminous characters duke it out in ways very revealing of the nature of who we are,” says the U2 lead singer. “We’ll have (performers) flying over people in the audience, landing in the aisles and the balconies,” adds Taymor. Also, Hero Complex notes the production will bring one song to Good Morning America today. “Reeve Carney, who portrays the nerd-turned-hero Parker, will sing a song from the show in front of a live audience at the Hudson Theatre,” they write. If you’re on the East Coast, the performance has already happened, but West Coast reader may get a chance to see it. Either way, I hope to have some video of it for Monday.

Opens: December 21st, 2010


As we reported earlier this morning, the wrap-up “Heroes” movie is not in the cards. “A key source on the canceled drama told EW that NBC is not moving forward with a movie that would wrap up the four-year series,” writes Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice.

Airdate: Never?


It’s new promo time thanks to the official AMC blog for the series:

Premieres: Halloween


The suit! The suit! It’s in this promo for season ten (via Ed Gross):

Returns: September 24th, 2010


With the weather cooling off and a couple of trips on the horizon, it’s time to stay in and make some stew. I’ve got plenty of entertainment to keep me going what with games and movies and comics. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, or just plain weird, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya, ready for the future threat of cabin fever.

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