All Of Doctor Strange’s Powers & Abilities, Ranked

In both the comics and the movies, Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. That is an impressive feat for someone who is just an ordinary man, but he has been imbued with so many mystical powers and abilities, that few characters can match up against the Sorcerer Supreme.

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Like many of the characters who reach this level of power, Strange has a seemingly endless variety of abilities. Some have been featured in his MCU adventures while others remain only in the comics for now. All of his powers are extraordinary but some are more impressive than others. Here are Doctor Strange's powers and abilities ranked.

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10 Flight

There is no shortage of Marvel heroes who have the ability to fly. While characters like Vision and Scarlet Witch have this ability as part of their powers, Doctor Strange's flying abilities have more in common with Tony Stark's, oddly enough.

Like Stark, it is actually part of Strange's wardrobe that allows him to fly, specifically his Cloak of Levitation. The cloak allows Strange to travel at supersonic speeds which also makes him one of the fastest heroes around. Though a common ability, it still comes in handy.

9 Summoning Objects

Doctor Strange Thor

Imagine being able to summon just about any object you can think of in the blink of an eye. There aren't too many people who wouldn't love to have a power like that. Yet as impressive as that would be, for Doctor Strange, that's more like a fun party trick he can do.

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Needless to say, this is the kind of power that can be a great problem solver as well as make Strange border on being god-like in his abilities. Oddly, it's not really something he uses all that often and has only used it in the MCU to get Thor a beer.

8 Extreme Intelligence

Even before Strange got involved with the mystic arts, he was already an extraordinary individual. Being one of the most famous and successful surgeons in the world made it quite clear that Strange was an incredibly intelligent man.

Though his role as Sorcerer Supreme did not increase his intelligence, Strange has certainly learned a lot since taking the mantel. His intelligence continues to be a vital tool in his role as a superhero. He remains one of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe, which is saying a lot.

7 Teleportation

infinity war doctor strange

When supersonic flight isn't fast enough, Strange also has the ability to teleport across incredibly vast distances. It is a different form of teleportation than we normally see in pop culture and is achieved by Strange's ability to create portals.

This ability has been featured heavily in the MCU and it has shown just how valuable of an ability it can be. Most famously, Strange used the portals to bring all of the heroes to the battlefield to face off against Thanos once and for all.

6 Astral Projection

The Astral Projection is one of the most unusual and prominent abilities in Strange's skillset. It allows Strange to separate his spirt and consciousness from his physical body at any time. This might not seem like a super useful trick but it has come in handy on numerous occasions.

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The power was used famously in the Doctor Strange story, The Oath in which Strange oversaw his own life-threatening surgery. This moment was recreated in the Doctor Strange film. The one downside of the ability is the fact that it leaves Strange's physical body quite vulnerable.

5 Energy Blasts

This is one of the powers Strange possesses that has not yet been shown in the movies. The MCU's version of Strange has proven himself to be a more than capable fighter with plenty of tricks up his sleeve, but this powerful attack is one of his best offensive weapons.

Strange has the ability to shoot energy beams from his fingers which can be very devastating to enemies though rarely deadly. It seems like only a matter of time before we see Strange whip out this ability in the movies.

4 Protective Fields

Ad important as the offensive attacks are, Strange also knows the importance of playing good defense. He is about to summon energy shields to protect himself and others from attacks. We've also seen this used a lot in the movies by Strange as well as the other masters of the mystic arts.

Like Captain America's shield, it can also be used in combat, but these energy shields are primarily for protection. As we saw in Endgame, the shields can also be extended in size to offer more protection.

3 Universal Awareness

doctor strange in thor: ragnarok

Though Strange is concerned with protecting reality itself, he is also assigned to protect Earth specifically. In order to do his job effectively, Strange needs to be able to know what is going on in the world at every moment.

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Through meditation, Strange is able to locate beings all over the universe. he can see what his fellow heroes are doing at any given moment and monitor threats wherever they might be. We see an example of this in Thor: Ragnarok when Strange immediately knows Thor and Loki have returned to Earth.

2 Access To Dimensions

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As if the MCU couldn't get any bigger, the Doctor Strange films have introduced different dimension and now a possible multiverse. Strange is one of the greatest defenders as he is one of the few heroes who can travel to other dimensions.

In the comics, this is a pretty regular occurrence as Strange investigates problems and confronts threats in other dimensions. He also showed off this incredible ability in Doctor Strange when he went to the Dark Dimension to face Dormammu.

1 Divine Conduit

Unlike many of his other heroes who gained their powers through accidents or being born with them, Strange earned his powers by learning the mystic arts and being granted access to them as a Divine Conduit.

All of Strange's abilities to cast spells and summon magic come from the Vishanti gods who grant him these abilities. Being a Divine Conduit means he is able to use the Crimson Bands Of Cyttorak, Mists of Munnopor and other powerful spells.

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