Hopeless & Henrichon Take Over Doctor Strange From Aaron & Bachalo

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This May, writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo will leave “Doctor Strange” following issue #20. Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Niko Henrichon will take over the title just in time for Marvel’s upcoming “Secret Empire” event, which will see nearly every major superhero team in the Marvel roster going up against Steve Roger's Hydra in a battle for the future of America.

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The swap is just one in a big series of changes sweeping the Marvel Universe. Regardless, both Aaron and Hopeless made the changing of the guard an amicable one over a Twitter exchange, where the two praised one another for their writing prowess and teased big things to come.

Fortunately Jason is also one of my best friends. He’s my sounding board & we discuss everything. AND Niko is amazing. This is gonna SHRED.

— Dennis Hopeless (@HopelessDent) February 21, 2017

Aaron was quick to respond:

.@HopelessDent is one of my best friends and favorite writers. I'm thrilled that he's taking over DR. STRANGE.

— Jason Aaron (@jasonaaron) February 21, 2017

Know that I will miss writing Doc Weirdo. But I am insanely excited about everything that lies ahead for me at Marvel.

— Jason Aaron (@jasonaaron) February 21, 2017

Aaron and Bachalo have worked together on “Doctor Strange” since October 2015. Aaron will continue his work on “Star Wars” and “The Mighty Thor.” “Doctor Strange” #20 looks to combine some of the Sorcerer Supreme’s most beloved allies with his hated enemies, including Dormammu, Mordo, Mr. Misery, the Empirikul and Wong. Hopeless is known for his work on "All-New X-Men," "Spider-Woman" and "Jean Gray," while Henrichon was the artist behind "Pride of Baghdad" and "New Mutants."

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Hopeless and Henrichon’s “Doctor Strange” debut will tie into the upcoming “Secret Empire” arc and will see Doctor Strange defending New York City against dark forces, with only the slimmest chance of success. "Doctor Strange" #21 arrives in May.

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