Why Doctor Strange Seemed To Give Up On His Lost Apprentice

In the opening arc of Mark Waid, Javier Pina and Brian Reber's Doctor Strange, while Doctor Strange is on a mission in space, there is an impostor Doctor Strange on Earth.

In Doctor Strange #6 (by Waid, Pina and Reber), we meet that Doctor Strange and it is...Casey?!?!

But wait, how does Strange not know Casey?

This is resolved later in the issue, where Strange goes to Larry and instead meets his surviving spouse. Strange is then given his memories back and it turns out that Larry took the memories from Strange because Strange was so distracted by the loss of Casey that he was losing to another villain. The idea was that Larry would give him his memories back when Strange won, but after Strange won, the defeated villain then killed Larry...

Okay, in the next issue (by Mark Waid, Javier Pina, Andres Guinaldo, JP Mayer, Andy Owens, Roberto Poggi, Keith Champagne, Brian Reber, Jim Campbell and Andrew Crossley), Strange discovers that Casey is working someone else...

It turns out that she has been turned in to a weapon and because she does not have a soul, Strange can't reason with her to break her from the spell.

So Strange (and his companions Kanna and Bats) each give Cassie part of their souls and this allows Strange to break her free of the control of the villain who is ordering her (and her sort of monitor, Baron Mordo)...

Cassie explains to Strange that he shouldn't feel guilty as she knows what happened. She then heads off to try to get her soul back...

Very well done by Waid.

Thanks for the suggestion, Caoimhe!

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