Doctor Strange Film Draws Huge Inspiration from Ditko Art, Says Feige

As the release of "Doctor Strange" looms ever closer, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige discussed how the artwork of co-creator Steve Ditko influenced the film.

"I would say that Steve Ditko and the art of Steve Ditko is a huge inspiration for us," Feige shared. "A lot of our interpretation of the multiverse and various dimensions come right out of all of the art of those early comics that Mr. Ditko did, and challenging our amazing visual effects vendors and visual effect supervisors -- saying, 'Let's put this on the screen.'"

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The studio head went on to add, "It needs to be strange. It needs to be weird. It needs to be absolutely inspired from those images… And that [has] been so much of the visual inspiration of the movie."

Further elaborating on the nature of the film's Ditko-esque dimensions, Feige was keen to dispel the notion that these would just be parallel realities of the kind that have become so common in the cinematic landscape and hinted at the arrival of Strange's most infamous nemesis. "The other dimensions are not just parallel realities, although some of them are… there [is] the Dark Dimension where [Strange's regular adversary] Dormammu inhabits; there are dimensions that are so mind-bending that you can barely perceive them; there are dimensions where a lot of the Ditko images come from; there are dimensions that are just mind trips that the human mind can barely fathom."

Directed by Scott Derrickson, “Doctor Strange” arrives in theatres on November 4.

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