The Ditko Doctor Strange Story That Wasn't a Doctor Strange Story

Graves' astral form goes back in time as a bold gambit to save the day...

He goes to his self from the past and gives him a new premonition. Graves of the past knows that he cannot stop the Ultimate Evil in the way that he currently is, so he heads off to another dimension to prepare himself...

The art on this is amazing, right?

So after a Rocky-style montage, Graves heads off and defeats the evil creature and the Earth doesn't know how close it came to being destroyed...

What a great story and what a comic book that all fans of Steve Ditko's Doctor Strange really need to go hunt down if they want to see, in effect, a new Ditko Doctor Strange story that wasn't actually a Ditko Doctor Strange story (sadly, as I noted in this past week's Comic Book Legends Revealed, there actually ARE unpublished Ditko Doctor Strange stories out there!).

If anyone else has an interesting piece of comic book history that they'd like to see featured in the future, just drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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