An Unlikely Marvel Character Might Actually Be Worthy of Lifting Mjolnir

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange: Damnation #3, by Donny Cates, Nick Spencer and Szymon Kudranski, in stores now.

In Doctor Strange: Damnation, the once-destroyed city of Las Vegas has been rebuilt thanks to the mystic powers of the Sorcerer Supreme. But magic always comes at a price -- and in this case, this price came in the form of Mephisto and the very forces of Hell. The Avengers -- Thor, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Falcon and Black Panther -- were transformed into villainous Ghost Riders, and Strange's friend and partner Wong assembled a new version of the Midnight Sons to save the city.

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The team, comprised of Johnny Blaze, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Brother Voodoo, Man-Thing, Elsa Bloodstone and the Scarlet Spider rush into a battle between the Spirit of Vengeance-possessed Avengers, and it's is as brutal and fiery as you'd imagine. In the midst of this confrontation, we discovered that one of the Midnight Sons might actually be worthy of lifting Thor's hammer Mjolnir. And it's the last character you'd expect: Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight.

During the battle between the Sons and the Avengers, the Mighty Thor hurls her flamed Mjolnir straight at Blade, pinning him to the ground. Since the hammer can't be lifted, no one can remove the hammer and free Blade from its weight. However, leave it to Marc Spector to theorize that one of the personalities inside of his head might be worthy of lifting the hammer. Wishing to help his fellow teammate, Moon Knight wraps his hands around the hammer's hilt, and pulls -- and, much to his surprise, he lifts Mjolnir.

However, his surprise is cut short when the enchanted hammer flies out of his hands and back into the grasp of Jane Foster's Thor. Elsa Bloodstone is quick to dismiss Moon Knight's feat, considering that the hammer only moved because Thor called it back. But there is enough ambiguity at work here to make us wonder if Moon Knight really was worthy to lift Mjolnir. After all, it's entirely possible that Thor summoned her hammer back only when she noticed that Moon Knight lifted it off of Blade's chest.

Moon Knight is quickly cut off when he tries to explain that he was worthy, and the fight then moves on. The issue doesn't address the matter further. Was this simply a fun interaction, or is there more to Moon Knight than we thought? The mystical vigilante isn't exactly the purest character out there, but there are more than one personalities inside of him. Like he has said, one of them could be worthy. Did Moon Knight lift Mjolnir? Let the debate begin.

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