Doctor Strange Curses Himself For Being a Novice!

In Drawing Crazy Patterns, I spotlight at least five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics). Note that these lists are inherently not exhaustive. They are a list of five examples (occasionally I'll be nice and toss in a sixth). So no instance is "missing" if it is not listed. It's just not one of the five examples that I chose.

Today, we look at a few instances of Doctor Strange using one of his most frequently used phrases, "Curse me for a novice!" along with the reason why he is, you know, cursing himself for being a novice!

Honestly, I don't know when the term debuted. If someone else knows, let me know and I'll do a When We First Met on it! Anyhow, he used it a lot, especially once he became the Sorcerer Supreme, as then it was really embarrassing for him when he screwed up, hence him noting that he is screwing up so much that someone who saw him in that moment would think that he was still a novice ("Curse me for a novice!").

In Marvel Premiere #12 (by Steve Englehart, Mike Friedrich, Frank Brunner and a bunch of inkers), Doctor Strange is out in the desert meditating when Clea and Wong show up in a rented jeep to bring him back home.

He teleports them home...

However, once back, he realizes that he left the rented jeep in the middle of the desert! Curse him for a novice!

In Doctor Strange #17 (by Steve Englehart, Gene Colan and Tom Palmer), Doctor Strange and Clea go on a wonderfully awesome trip through time to study the history of America. However, while there, he realized that he had let his guard down, so he, well, you know, was cursed for being a novice!

In Doctor Strange #40 (by Chris Claremont, Gene Colan, Ricardo Villamonte and Dan Green), Doctor Strange and his ex-girlfriend, try to figure out where the villainous Lord Phyffe is. She suggests that they look in Florida...

Strange realizes that of COURSE that's where they were! Curse him for a novice!

This, naturally, set up a crossover with Man-Thing.

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