Doctor Strange Conjures Trippiest Visuals To Date In New Featurette

With one foot in the Marvel Universe we've seen on the big screen in over a dozen movies and another levitating in mysterious other dimensions, Marvel's upcoming "Doctor Strange" film is ready to take viewers to a whole new plane of existence. The trailers for the Sorcerer Supreme's movie debut have been packed with "Inception"-style visuals that bend space as cityscapes fold in on themselves. But now, a new featurette titled "Universes Within" reveals an entirely new side of "Doctor Strange's" trippy visuals.

"'Doctor Strange' represents an entirely new aspect of the Cinematic Universe," said Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige in the featurette. "Just like in the comics, 'Doctor Strange' deals with parallel dimensions. He deals with the multiverse."

The images seen in the featurette harken back to the original "Doctor Strange" comics of the '60s, which sprang from the mind of the legendary Steve Ditko. Feige talks about this connection and how they incorporated his style into the feature film's look.

"Steve Ditko is one of the greatest Marvel artists in history, and that we're now able to take what he put in the mid-'60s in these trippy comic panels and comic covers and we now have the technology to put that into big three-dimensional space on a movie screen is amazing," said Feige. "And we're not pulling back."

This is the second featurette for "Doctor Strange" we've seen in recent weeks. The previous one also talked up the film's connection to the source material, specifically Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Stephen Strange.

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Feige praised Cumberbatch in the role, as did co-star Rachel McAdams. “[Cumberbatch’s] transformation into Strange is really extraordinary,” said McAdams. “He just automatically displays such fierce intelligence. He seems to have slipped into that character really easily and nicely.”

Directed by “Sinister’s” Scott Derrickson and starring Cumberbatch, McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor and more, “Doctor Strange” opens on November 4, 2016.

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