Doctor Strange Brings Sorcery To The Streets On South Korea's SNL

If you thought the mind-bending visuals in Marvel's "Doctor Strange" were out of this world, just wait until you see what South Korea's version of "Saturday Night Live" has come up with. While the feature film may have relied on big budget effects that featured reality warping in on itself, this recurring sketch on "SNL8" turns the Sorcerer Supreme into the Magnificent Street Magician.

Even without the Wand of Watoomb or a functional Eye of Agamotto or Cloak of Levitation, this Doctor Strange still blows minds clean away with fantastic feats of illusion and improbable magic. Think about it -- in "Doctor Strange," did Benedict Cumberbatch ever use his skills to make phone calls, open automatic doors or drink tiny tiny beers? We think not.

i know jack shit abt dr strange but i already know that this korean snl parody is better pic.twitter.com/SWe8ZxCA8B

— Z-01 ʟᴀɴᴄᴇʟᴏᴛ. (@LUPATIER) January 3, 2017

The sketch wasn't just a one-off, either. Doctor Strange has taken on a whole new life in South Korea as a recurring character on "SNL8," spawning a few more sketches where the Marvel hero takes to the street to blow the minds of two eager and easily impressed hypemen.

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