Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #2

Story by
Art by
Roger Robinson
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

Whitmore Pickerel has the power to create living beings out of nothingness, creating new entities designed to suit his own increasingly selfish desires. But now his living, breathing, tremendously powerful creations have turned against him and are pursuing their own agendas. The Man of the Atom fights fiercely to cut short the swath of looting and destruction left in the wake of Glow and Leviathan-and at the climax of the savage conflict, he does something no hero has done before! Meanwhile, Pickerel's fear of his own creations drives him to conjure a supremely powerful guardian to protect him; but what he accomplishes opens the door to disaster. Enter: Moloch, the Devourer. The Man of the Atom is forced to pit his godlike power against the power of a god!

* Jim Shooter returns to the character he redefined in the 1990s!

* Artist Dennis Calero is well known to mainstream comics fans for his acclaimed work on X-Men Noir.

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