Doctor Sleep: The Shining Sequel's Trailer Returns to Overlook Hotel

The first trailer for Doctor Sleep, the followup to 1980's The Shining, promises a return to the Overlook Hotel.

Inter-cut with recreations of the Stanley Kubrick film, the Doctor Sleep trailer wastes no time reminding viewers of Danny Torrence's past. As Dan deals with the trauma of his childhood as an adult, he runs into a girl named Abra Stone, who insists he has magic -- just like her. Dan soon finds himself embroiled in a plot involving The True Knot, group that feeds on the shine to become immortal. Their next target? Abra.

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In an effort to fight off Rose the Hat and The True Knot, Dan will be forced to "call upon his own powers as never before -- at once facing his fears and reawakening the ghosts of the past."

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The trailer includes new footage that offers a handful of other callbacks to the original film. For instance, Dan is jarred awake one night to the sound of a massive mystical force. When he wakes, he sees "REDRUM" scrawled across the wall. Later, he finds himself back at the Overlook Hotel, which drove his father Jack crazy. In what is likely a vision, he walks towards the door Jack beat down in an effort to kill Wendy, Dan's mother, and peers through.

Doctor Sleep, which centers on the adult Danny Torrence years after the traumatic events at the Overlook Hotel, stars Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Carl Lumbly, Alex Essoe and Zarn McClarnon. It's scheduled for release on November 8.

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