Doctor Octopus Takes Center Stage In Latest "Dead No More" Teaser

Marvel has released the latest teaser image for the upcoming Spider-Man storyline, "Dead No More." The latest image from artist Alexander Lozano prominently features Doctor Octopus.

The teaser follows ones featuring Rhino, as well as one from earlier this week depicting a trio of Spider-Man supporting players and yesterday's, which starred Gwen Stacy. The five teasers that have been released all connect to form one long image.

Who exactly is "dead no more"? That answer will be given on Free Comic Book Day. Marvel's offering this year will be a free lead-in to "Captain America: Steve Rogers" from writer Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz. Written by Dan Slott and pencilled by Javier Garron, the second half of the flip-book will reveal the secret of the "Dead No More" teaser.

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