Doctor Doom's Infamous Iron Man Gets His Very Own Action Figure


Unveiled at this weekend's New York Toy Fair, the Infamous Iron Man is getting his own action figure this spring.

Based on the comic series by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev that saw Doctor Doom don his own version of Iron Man's armor following Tony Stark's incapacitation during Civil War II, the figure was announced at Hasbro's panel at this year's Toy Fair with Podcast from Heck host Tony Guerrero posting a photo of the figure on his Twitter account.

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While no exact release date has been announced, the figure will be available this spring and be a Walgreen's exclusive.

Created in October 2016 by Bendis and Maleev, Infamous Iron Man saw Victor Von Doom take on the mantle of Iron Man after the events of Civil War II. Exercising his own lethal brand of heroism, Doom would take on supervillains and evil organizations like Hydra alike while facing skeptical scrutiny from S.H.I.E.L.D. and longtime antagonist The Thing for his supposed ascent as a superhero. The series ended after twelve issues with the story of Doom as Iron Man continued in the main Invincible Iron Man comic book series.

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