Ahead of the Fantastic Four's Return, Marvel Appears to Have Doomed... Doom


The following contains spoilers for Marvel 2-in-One #6 written by Chip Zdarksy, drawn by Jim Cheung, and inked by Walden Wong, in stores now.

The Fantastic Four are just a few months away from returning to the Marvel Universe, but they've already shifted back into the spotlight. The mystery of their disappearance, and unintentional search for Reed, Sue and the rest has been at the heart of Marvel 2-in-One. With their powers fading, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm have been traveling the multiverse to find their family (though Ben is convinced they';re actually dead), and their old enemy Victor Von Doom has tagged along for the ride.

Doom has gone through a radical transformation over the last few years. After achieving true godhood during Secret Wars, a change that included healing his facial scars, the Latverian ruler has been trying his best to turn over a new leaf. In the wake of Tony Stark's coma at the end of Civil War II, Doom decided to become the new Iron Man, much to the confusion of the rest of the Marvel Universe. He's been doing a fine job, even receiving the tepid approval from several members of the hero community, but his heroic turn appears to be getting closer to its end.

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The latest issue of 2-in-One may be set before the recently released Invincible Iron Man #600, but they both converge one the same story point: Doom simply cannot escape his past.

Using the Multisect, a device Reed left behind so Johnny and Ben could explore the Multiverse, the three -- along with scientist Rachna Koul -- hopped over to a universe where the Fantastic Four were unable to stop Galactus from consuming the Earth. This reality's Doom was the architect of the entity's defeat, swapping bodies with the Worldeater and going on a cosmic binge throughout the galaxy before returning to Earth to finish what he started. 2-in-One #6, appropriately titled "Our Doom," primarily deals with heroic Doom, Johnny and Ben working with the Reed, Sue and Johnny of this Earth, in tandem with Alpha Flight and the Silver Surfer, to defeat the world eating Doom.

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