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How Doctor Doom Was in Secret Wars While Still Dead

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comics, Comic News Comment
How Doctor Doom Was in Secret Wars While Still Dead

This is “Can’t Cross Over,” a feature where I look at instances when comic book writers had to adjust their stories to deal with crossovers.

Today, we look at the strange story of how Doctor Doom appeared in “Secret Wars” despite being dead in the pages of “Fantastic Four.”

Okay, first up is 1983’s “Fantastic Four” #260 (by John Byrne), where Doctor Doom is fighting against Terrax, and gets froxen into place…

This is a bad place to be, as Silver Surfer and Terrax are battling and Terrax turns into the Power Cosmic and basically annihilates Doom’s body…

The FF presume he is dead, as his body was just destroyed.

Of course, since we’re all comic book fans here, we saw that Doom clearly switched bodies with that dude on that page who then yelled at Aunt May.

But anyhow, so Doom is pretty much dead (or at least his body is, while his mind is in some guy’s body), but then “Secret Wars” came out a few months later and Jim Shooter wanted to use all of the main heroes and villains, so even though he was dead in “Fantastic Four,” Shooter used Doctor Doom in “Secret Wars” #1 (by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck and John Beatty)…

Famously, Doom then took over the power of the Beyonder…

But when the Beyonder got it back at the end, Doom was seemingly destroyed…

But finally, in “Fantastic Four” #288 (by John Byrne and Joe Sinnott), Byrne finally explained it all. This came out during “Secret Wars II,” while the Beyonder was on Earth.

So first off, Byrne confirms that, yep, Doom is now in the body of that guy from “Fantastic Four” #260…

But then Byrne cleans up the “mess” from “Secret Wars” through some time travel…

Doom then shows up again at the end of the issue (as that is where he was sent at the ending of “Secret Wars” #12).

That’s a pretty hilarious example of a comic book writer trying to explain away problems caused by a crossover.

If any of you have any suggestions for other good examples of comic book writers having to alter their stories to adjust to major comic book crossovers, drop me a line at!

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