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Doctor Doom Is On The Verge of a Huge, Character-Changing Moment

by  in CBR Exclusives Comment
Doctor Doom Is On The Verge of a Huge, Character-Changing Moment

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Invincible Iron Man #595 by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Stefano Caselli and Marte Gracia, on sale now.

Ever since Tony Stark found himself incapacitated following the events of Civil War II, Doctor Doom has tried to carry on the legacy that is Iron Man. Victor von Doom’s past as a villain has definitely complicated things, but overall, he’s done an admirable job of replacing Tony as a hero.

Perhaps Victor felt he needed to duplicate every facet of Tony Stark’s life — professional and private — because he also became infatuated with Amara Perera, a biophysicist Tony was dating before he went out of commission. Amara already had reservations about being involved with someone in the superhero community, but add in Victor’s previous criminal activity, and that was more than enough to give her pause.

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However, there’s always the allure of a bad boy, and Invincible Iron Man #595 hints that Amara may have gotten pretty intimate with Doctor Doom.

Daddy Doom?

The issue begins with Victor paying Amara a visit to fill her in on the search for Tony Stark. After her apartment was destroyed in a battle between Victor and Ben Grimm in Infamous Iron Man, the mere sight of the would-be Iron Man prompts Amara to reach for her handgun. As Victor pleads his case, a bag of groceries catches his eye. Aside from your usual grocery items like a loaf of bread and a banana, one object in particular sticks out: a bottle of prenatal vitamins.

We discovered that Amara was pregnant on the final pages of Infamous Iron Man #12, though the question of who the father is remains an open one. Tony is, of course, a possible (perhaps even the most likely) candidate, but the amount of time he’s spent in a coma may eliminate him as the father. However, Victor was more than willing to watch over Amara while Tony was unaccounted for. What if a moment of weakness resulted in a night of passion with Victor?

The odds of either Victor or Tony being the father are pretty high. Amara has played a role in both Invincible Iron Man and Infamous Iron Man, and Brian Michael Bendis and co-creator David Marquez wouldn’t have introduced her if there weren’t big plans in store for the biophysicist. While giving Tony Stark a son does have a certain poetry to it, a good case to be made for Victor as the father is that nothing will make you get your act together faster than discovering you’re about to be a dad.

Doctor Doom Loves The Kids

One would think a world-conquering villain like Doctor Doom would instill fear and terror in the hearts of the young. And while that is true, there is an example of Victor having a positive relationship with a child. Valeria Richards is the daughter of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, and has the honor of being named by Doctor Doom — her godfather.

Sue experienced a complicated pregnancy due to the incredible abilities Valeria displayed in the womb. If Victor hadn’t stepped in to help deliver Valeria, Sue and her daughter may not have survived the experience. To show her gratitude, Sue allowed Victor to name the baby.

Since that moment, Victor has always had a soft spot for Valeria. No matter what scheme brought him into conflict with the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom could never bring himself to disappoint the young girl. Thus, Victor served in the role of Valeria’s godfather, in the process gaining a glimpse of what he’d be like as a father himself.

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Again, all we know at the moment is Amara Perera is pregnant. Bendis teased that his parting gift to Marvel before he left for DC Comics would be a brand new character, along with the biggest Iron Man story of all time. While making Tony Stark a daddy would certainly qualify as a major moment, granting the reformed Doctor Doom fatherhood would be an even bigger development, and one perhaps even more interesting to explore in future stories.

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