Doctor Doom Fan Film Shines Spotlight on the FF's Greatest Foe

A new fan film from Lucky 9 Studios gives new life to the Fantastic Four's greatest foe: Doctor Victor Von Doom. Titled "Von Doom," the short film explores the death of his father, a seminal event in Victor's life.

The video, which loosely adapts the villain's backstory from the comics, starts in Latveria in 1965, with a young Victor and his father fleeing a character called simply the Baron. "Von Doom" then jumps forward 11 years to New York, where an older Victor is seen breaking into a lab at Empire State University in an attempt to return to the past to save his father. The short deals with the evolution of Victor throughout time and how his circumstances have come to make him the infamous Doctor Doom. In true Marvel fashion, "Von Doom" features an end credits scene complete with a cameo.

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According to Ivan Kander, the film's creator, he didn't use crowdfunding to make "Von Doom." "I'm proud that I didn't crowdsource the movie. Too often, crowd-sourcing campaigns are burdens on a filmmaker's friends and family," Kander wrote in a blog post detailing the film's $11,000 production costs. "I didn't want to be that guy who annoyed you on Facebook every morning. Could I have potentially gotten a bigger budget? Sure. But, I feel like I'll play the crowdsourcing hand when my audience is bigger and I'm more confident in my directorial skills. Plus, I didn't have to annoy all my friends on social media for months on end -- For just $10 dollars, you'll get your name in the credits!!! HUGE BARGAIN!"

Doctor Doom has been one of the Fantastic Four's most enduring archenemies. The character, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, first appeared in 1962's "Fantastic Four" #5. Doom is also the leader of the fictional country of Latveria, where much of the short film is set. The villain was a primary antagonist in all three contemporary adaptations of Marvel's first family. Starting in 2016's "Infamous Iron Man" #1, Victor von Doom has taken over the mantle of Iron Man from Tony Stark.

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