Do You Miss <i>Lost</i>?

Now that we're safely past the post-game analysis and complaints, it's time for a very simple question: At the end of the world's first week post-Lost, do you miss the show?

I saw people on Twitter this Tuesday, bemoaning the fact that there would never be another day when they could look forward to a brand new hour of Jack, Kate and unexplained mysteries being teased without end, and my response was pretty much "Oh, yeah, Lost! I guess I'm supposed to miss it or something?" But, as much as I really enjoyed the show when it was on-air, I also am perfectly fine with it being finished - I don't feel as if I'm going to miss anything by not checking in every week to see what Hurley and Ben are up to on the Island. Am I alone in that, though? Now that you've had a chance to work out your own feelings of grief and loss, do you miss Lost?

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