Do you bleed? Not with these 'Batman v Superman' soft weapons

Even with its PG-13, a lot of young kids will likely see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and come out of the theater eager to do battle as Wonder Woman, the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. (All right, plenty of adults, too). And they'll be able to do so safely, without breaking any windows or poking out any eyes, with these Batman v Superman soft weapons.

Part of Factory Entertainment's SWAT ("Soft Weapons and Tactics") line, they're stylized weapons made of soft, work- and play-safe material. They're designed for ages 8 and up, because you know who's really going to be hurling Batman's Batarang, or springing into action with Wonder Woman's sword and shield. (Sorry, Superman fans, you'll have to be content with running around with your arms stretched out, saying "Fwooosh!")

Each produces its own sound when activated: The Batarang ($15) "swooshes" as it flies through the air, while Wonder Woman's 30-inch-long sword ($25) and 18-inch shield ($35) make clashing noises when they collide with another object.

(via The Geekiary)

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