Do Two New Projects Suggest A Return To Heist Movies?

The new next big thing in Hollywood? Maybe it'll be a return to good, old-fashioned heist movies - news has broken about two upcoming twists on the familiar formula.

Firstly, Bruce Willis, Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and rapper 50 Cent are attached to Set Up, a new project written and directed by former stuntman Mike Gunther (who's worked with Willis on Live Free or Die Hard), about a group of friends who end up in the middle of a diamond heist that's much more dangerous than they'd expected. Meanwhile, NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues veteran Gregory Hoblit has signed on to direct Robbing The Grave, a movie described as "a cross between Ocean's 11 and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" from the writers of recent franchise reboot Predators. Whether this miniature revival of the genre is coincidence or the start of something bigger remains to be seen, but if a heist can't steal our hearts, what can?

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