Do the Right Thing

Fantagraphics, the publisher of many of the greatest comics ever made, is being sued by a petty old sci-fi writer for using an interview even he admits they own and for listing his name on the cover of a book wherein the interview is contained. (In truth, because his widdle feewings were hurt at how they descwibed him).

How to support is here. Facts are here. Helping is as easy as buying really, really good comics. Might I suggest Mome, a great anthology? Or The Living and the Dead, a zombie epic? How about the Complete Peanuts? Love and Rockets collections? Beasts? Some Bill Ward pinups? Usagi Yojimbo? The genius of some Acme Novelty? The potty humor of some Angry Youth Comix? There is literally something for everyone. Go, do it. Help yourself, and help a great company.

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