Do open, dead inside: 'Walking Dead' pop-up book is terrifying, beautiful

As delightfully gory and deliciously inappropriate as you might have imagined the Walking Dead pop-up book to be when it was announced last summer, that pales in comparison to the product itself, which is a work of beautiful, horrifying art.

Based on AMC's hit adaptation of the long-running comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, in just five spreads the book takes readers (probably not young ones) from Rick's hospital and the Bicycle Girl to Hershel's Farm and the Prison to Terminus. It's pretty spectacular, not only in its gruesomeness but in its artistry, as you can see from the images and video below.

Created by Becca Zerkin, David Hawcock, Sally Elizabeth Jackson and Stephani Danelle Perry, The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book is kind of expensive (it's listed for $65, but you can find it cheaper), but the price tag certainly isn't the scariest thing about it.

(via Toyland)


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