Do Open, <i>Dead</i> Inside: Take A Bite Out Of <i>The Walking Dead</i> Press Kit!

For most of us, The Walking Dead arrives on Halloween. But for some, it's already here. AMC sent out a press kit complete with screener copies of the first two episodes to a group of journalists, and Spinoff Online was one of the lucky news outlets to snatch a copy.

Press kits aren't always the most glamorous packages — more often than not, the episodes speak for themselves, and a fancy presentation isn't required — but some networks and studios go the extra mile with extensive packaging and extras that most consumers will never get to see. Such is the case with The Walking Dead, as AMC's press kit includes much more than the first two episodes, titled "Days Gone Bye" and "Guts." We've got a whole bunch of poorly awesomely taken photographs to give you a sense of what AMC included in the press kit, so keep on reading!

The package arrived at Spinoff Online HQ with a respectable smattering of blood on its front, as media packages tend to do.

Inside the box -- another box! It ain't Gwyneth's head, but the pulse is pounding nonetheless...

Now we're getting to the goods. Up first: a small booklet of photo disc images, showcasing all sorts of imagery from The Walking Dead.

A miniature version of Drew Struzan's Walking Dead poster. It is now my mission to get as many of the people involved in the series as possible to sign this sucker.

A hardcover book filled with character biographies, set photographs, behind-the-scenes details and much more.

Here's a taste at what's inside the hardcover; apologies for my chubby little fingers ruining the shot.

The only two things you really need to survive The Walking Dead -- a revolver and the episodes themselves.

Not exactly the biggest pistol on the playing field, but it's still nice that AMC decided to arm journalists everywhere before they submerge into the zombie apocalypse.

Finally, the heart of the package...

...and as promised, there is Dead inside! The first disc contains the first two episodes, while the second features a slew of press materials including cast and production biographies and high-resolution photographs from the set.

There you have it, folks: a little taste of The Walking Dead press kit. Kudos to AMC for packing so much awesome into this thing; it's a clear testament to the network's faith in the series. I haven't had a chance to watch the episodes just yet, but when I do, I'll be back with some initial impressions. Until then, a message from Gale Anne Hurd and a 17-minute documentary should hopefully hold you over!

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