"DMZ" Wins Praise From New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, Slate.com And Others

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Critical acclaim is building for the hit Vertigo series DMZ, written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Riccardo Burchielli, with recent coverage and praise in The New York Times, Publishers Weekly , Slate.com and others.

DMZ was the subject of a feature in the December 31 New York Times , in which George Gene Gustines wrote, "If residents of Manhattan often feel at odds with the rest of the country, the comic book series DMZ magnifies that anxiety with its radical premise.   Fourteen issues in, DMZ sits alongside Vertigo's other successes: Y: THE LAST MAN, about a world in which all men but one are mysteriously killed, and FABLES, with its fairy-tale characters banding together against a common enemy."

A review of the upcoming DMZ VOL. 2: BODY OF A JOURNALIST TP ran in the January 1 Publishers Weekly , which reads, "[Riccardo] Burchielli's outstanding art really sells the story by intensifying familiar urban grunge into a Third-World-like battle zone.   This book is a disturbing, challenging success."

On January 3, Slate.com ran a story that said, "Brian Wood's DMZ - one of the two best new comics about Iraq - offers a potent portrait of a city torn by civil war.   But the city isn't Baghdad; it's New York, sometime in the near future."

Here is what others are saying about DMZ:

"The dramatic images recall the nightly news, and stories of warzone life ring true.   Grade: A-" - Entertainment Weekly

"DMZ is incredible. It is addictive and brutal, and a perfect antidote to the flag-waving Fox News broadcasts of the War on Terror.   Wood and Burchielli have created something special." - Chicago Sun-Times

"Looking for the next FABLES or Y: THE LAST MAN?   Look no further than . . . DMZ. - Wizard Magazine

"Convincing and interesting." - Variety.com

"One of the strongest ongoing series to come out of DC's Vertigo line in some time. DMZ: ON THE GROUND collects the series' first six issues, all plausibly grounded in an America that's turned into the kind of danger zone most of us like to think we'll never experience.   Grade: A-" - The Onion

"The gritty comic book DMZ lies somewhere between a postapocalyptic nightmare and a bizarre tribute to Gotham tenacity.   With a stark visual style that matches its narrative punch, this grim graphic novel from writer Brian Wood and artist Riccardo Burchielli measures up to any summer blockbuster." - Time Out New York

"Wood and Burchielli gut-wrenchingly portray the chaotic reality of life in a war zone." - The Washington Post

"Wood and Burchielli's excellent series . . . is equal parts compelling drama and cautionary tale, filled with inspired little touches." - San Francisco Chronicle

Upcoming issues of DMZ are available as follows:

DMZ #15 (NOV060294) is available for reorder and is scheduled to arrive in stores on January 24.

DMZ #16 (DEC060293) is solicited in the December Previews (Vol. XVI #12) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on February 14.

DMZ #17 (JAN070370) is solicited in the January Previews (Vol. XVII #1) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on March 14.

The DMZ VOL. 2: BODY OF A JOURNALIST TP (NOV060292), collecting issues #6-12 of the series, is available for advance resolicit and is scheduled to arrive in stores on February 7.

The DMZ VOL. 1: ON THE GROUND TP (MAR060383), collecting the first five issues of the series, is available for reorder.  

In addition, DC Direct's DMZ #2 POSTER (MAY060263) is available for reorder.

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