DMP Licenses Itazura Na Kiss Manga

In a very unexpected move, DMP has announced it has licensed an unfinished shojo classic Itazura Na Kiss according to Anime News Network.  ("Classic" in this case means the manga ran in the 1990's).  They plan to release the title in omnibus format (i.e. two volumes combined) with two planned for release so far (1st in Nov 09, 2nd in March 10), while there are a total of twelve volumes in omnibus format (for a total of 23 or 24 individual volumes).

I'd like to be happy about this development but my immediate reaction is to think about how *almost* everything is stacked against this whole project succeeding.  Let me explain:


1)  The art work is not shojo pretty.  (The prominent foreheads alone!  Dear god....)  Many shojo fans are very particular about the art they like and might look at this and not think much of it.

2)  DMP's dismal track record with releases under its main imprint don't give me much hope that more than the first omnibus will ever be published.

3) The story itself is unfinished.  That is definitely a problem....

Things this licensing decision has going for it:

1) Recent anime (2008) that might inspire fans to pick up the manga.

2) DMP is on firmer ground at the moment than.  Well.  Certain other comapnies.


3) Ummmm....yeah that's all I've got.

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