EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Denys Cowan's DMC #3 Cover and More

Musicians writing comics is old hat at this point, but musicians releasing comic books that are good enough to stand alongside work from full-time professionals has only become a reality in the last decade or so. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria have both made impacts on the industry -- and then there's DMC. The legendary rapper of Run-DMC fame turned his iconic look and life story into an intriguing comic book series with the help of a bevy of big name creators, and is preparing to unleash yet another chapter of "DMC."

This upcoming third "DMC" graphic novella will flashback to the title character's initial martial arts training under Sifu Horus and follow up on the Sir Reinge teaser at the end of #2 -- also, it looks like we might see the formation of the DMC-verse’s first official super team. We'll also get upgraded "looks" for Angelique the Fly Girl and DMC's right-hand man, Jase.

It has been a bit of wait, but with "DMC" #3 nearing completion, CBR has your first taste. Below we unveil the pencils for the 3-panel cover by comic industry icon and Milestone Media co-founder Denys Cowan (currently on DC Comics' "Deathstroke"), a two-page spread by Kyler Clodfelter and Christopher Sotomayor, and the updated character design for Angelique by Chabe Escalante.

Pencils for "DMC" #3 cover
Pencils for "DMC" #3 cover by Denys Cowan.
"DMC" #3 interior art
"DMC" #3 two-page spread by Kyler Clodfelter and Christopher Sotomayor.
Angelique character design
Angelique character design by Chabe Escalante.

In 2013, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels put together a publishing company called Darryl Makes Comics with industry mogul Riggs Morales (Shady Records) and Editor-In-Chief Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. That summer, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 to get their venture off the ground. Somehow, the campaign was underfunded and only $5,537 was pledged by a mere 89 supporters.

This didn't phase the Hall of Fame wordsmith though, and he and his team managed to pull together "DMC" #1 in time to debut it at New York Comic Con 2014. The book featured a cover by the esteemed Sal Bucsema (“The Incredible Hulk”) with graffiti accents by old school aerosol artist Mare 139, interiors by a ton of buzzworthy names including Felipe Smith (“Captain Marvel”) and Jeff Stokely (“The Spire”), and was written by DMC and Damion Scott (“Ghost Rider”). The story takes place in 1985 in a parallel universe where DMC became a costumed crime-fighter rather than an emcee.

It’s hard to maintain quality after starting with an all-star lineup, but for “DMC” #2 in 2015 the Darryl Makes Comics team recruited Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado (“The Amazing Spider-Man”), along with graffiti god Bio (Tats Cru) for the wraparound cover. As if that wasn’t enough, comic book legend Bill Sienkiewicz did the variant cover. Then, they wrangled writers Greg Pak (“World War Hulk”), Amy Chu (“Poison Ivy”) and David Walker (“Power Man & Iron Fist”) to tell their new tales, and Juan Doe (“Wolverines”), Afu Chan (“Spera”) and more to illustrate them. This sequel delved deeper into this alternate '80s world and started eking out details of DMC and his sidekick LAK6's origin stories.

Look out for the new installment of “DMC” this Spring.

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