DK2 receives extensive mainstream press

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As the THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #1 hits comic book stores today, public awareness of the miniseries continues to grow with increasing mainstream press coverage.

The cover of the December 5 edition of USA Today features a callout box about THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN with a Batman illustration by Frank Miller. Inside, the front page of the "Life" section features the article "Comic Genius of Dark Knight Strikes Again," a review of DK2 #1, with David Colton writing, "If the first chapter is any indication, Miller has pulled off a triumphant return to Gotham - sure-footed, prescient, witty and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny...the deft palette used by Miller's colorist wife, Lynn Varley, gives the book a bright, modern display." The article also quotes DC Comics Executive VP & Publisher Paul Levitz.

On page 7D of the "Life" section, David Colton interviews Miller on DK2 and its purely coincidental resonance with the events of September 11. An audio version of the interview may be heard at usatoday.com.

The December 5 edition of the New York Daily News features the article "Day of the Dark Knight," in which Ethan Sacks interviews Miller, as well as Levitz and writer/movie producer Michael Uslan.

An extensive interview with Miller appears today in The Onion and at the onion.com, in which Tasha Robinson discusses DK2, Miller's past comics work, and the current comic book industry.

This is in addition to other recent coverage in the mainstream press, including articles in the December 7 issue of Entertainment Weekly, the December issue of Maxim, the December 4 Chicago Daily Herald, the December 3 Chicago Sun-Times, the December 3 Seattle Times, and the November 2 Salt Lake City Desert News.

Since its announcement, DK2 has been the focus of mainstream press coverage, winning places on the Entertainment Weekly "It List" as the "It Comic Book Project" and on the Rolling Stone "Hot List" as "Hot Comeback."

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