Djurdjevic Amazing Spider-Man Variant Covers

Click on "read the rest" to see the Marko Djurdjevic Amazing Spider-Man covers.

How certain is it that One More Day ends with the marriage dissolved? I say 92%. What say you all?

Djurdjevic's covers look striking - but I wonder if it is a bad move by Marvel to use them as 50/50 covers, because you gotta figure the average fan will choose Quesada's cover over these ones, right?

They strike me as the type of covers you'd see for, like, 1 in a 100, or 1 in 10, or whatever.

The Spider-Man one, maybe would be as popular, but I somehow doubt people will be clamoring for a Peter Parker cover, even one as nicely drawn as this Djurdjevic one.

And the Mary Jane cover is severely lacking in marketability - I can't see through her pants, for crying out loud!!

And she's not even bending over!!

Djurdjevic, what's the deal, man?!?!

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