DJs take center stage in dystopian 'Future Prophecy'

Superheroes come from all walks of life: journalists, scientists, school teachers, lawyers, even fast-food workers. But what about a DJ? In The Future Prophecy, two DJ sisters take on a dystopian version of Toronto under the control of a mutant army. But they aren't just any DJ sisters, they're creators -- and real-life DJs -- Sara Simms and Melle Oh.

So far, Simms and Oh have self-published two issues of The Future Prophecy, but to produce four more they've turned to Kickstarter.

"The Future Prophecy is an epic graphic novel and concept album series featuring DJs as superheroes and villains," Simms writes on Kickstarter. "Each issue will be accompanied by a dance music single composed by the story's characters. Set in our beloved hometown, The Future Prophecy transforms Toronto into a dystopian urban battleground."

If the campaign reaches its $25,000 goal, Simms and Oh plan to use the money to produce four more issues and fund the creation and release of accompanying music and a music videos.

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