Dixon writes "Wyatt Earp: Dodge City" for Moonstone

Official Press Release

In the first of what will be a series of exciting & unique creator/project announcements, MOONSTONE proudly announces the signing of ("Grand Master of "action")Chuck Dixon (writer of many thing including "Birds of Prey", "Nightwing", and various CrossGen projects) and ("Punisher" artist) Enriques Villagran to do a Wyatt Earp: Dodge City series!

The most feared and famous law man of the West returns!

Wyatt Earp was the kind of man who didnt shoot a lot of bad guys, although he did do SOME of that.He could just walk into a firefight and brazenly intimidate his opponent into surrendering! He seemed to have a certain invulernability in that kind of thing.He was a fast draw, although not the fastest, but he did have a different kind of speed.He had the fastest hands in the West! He could grab the gun right out of your hand before you let off a single round! He was a man of the law, and the strict abiding of it!

This book, 28pgs of actual story, will be in glossy-gritty b/w, and should be available late fall/early spring. The PG-13 story will follow Wyatt's pre-Tombstone days, and include a cast of surprising characters. There is action a-plenty, mixed up with some great character stuff, and This might not be the only western comic Chuck will be doing here at Moonstone, but that news will hold for another time... Please find the attached Wyatt Earp art samples by Enrique Villagran!

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